What exactly are post liposuction garments?

Post liposuction garments are a general name that are given to girdles or garments that are made from extremely elastic material in order to provide firm, but comfortable, support after a liposuction or liposculpting procedure.  These are often referred to as compession garments, compression girdles, or post lipo garments.  While these used to be a much bigger deal and much more important when older cosmetic surgery procedures were used, these post surgery compression garments are still very important for the recovery phase and remain popular with individuals who like that little bit of firmness or support shortly after the surgical or even non-surgical liposuction procedures.

Things have changed with technology and time

There garments are designed to aid the healing process and reduce recovery time of the patient. In the old days, patients were required to wear compression garments for up to six weeks following surgery, which was definitely a hassle but a very important part of the process. However, modern liposuction techniques performed under local anesthetics instead of putting a patient under general anesthesia have limited the need to wear such garments to a period of only a few days.

Post liposuction garments are essential following liposuction. Wearing such an item prevents swelling, bruising and inflammation. By reducing bruising and swelling, post liposuction garments provide a greater level of comfort to a patient in recovery. In the past compression garments were worn to restrict blood flow in order to limit blood loss following surgery.

Now surgeons use a technique that does not require sutures but instead encourages open drainage. Following surgery special pads that absorb fluids are placed over several tiny incisions used in the liposuction process. The ideal garment is one that can easily be put on and taken off without any need for assistance while accommodating enough space for bulky drainage pads. Post liposuction garments help to hold these pads in place and evenly distribute pressure allowing for optimal drainage.

These garments also allow for the skin to regain its natural form more quickly. Compression garments are generally worn for up to 72 hours following surgery. Some people wear them for longer but that's more of a comfort or mental confidence thing as opposed to an actual modern necessity.

Extremely popular support girdle for post lipo recovery

Contour Compression Body Shaper Compression Garment Mid Thigh Body Shaper For Post Tummy Tuck, Thigh Lift, Liposuction : Style 27 (XX-Large, Black)
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This is one of the most highly rated support girdles listed on Amazon as of this article being published. These garments offer additional support during the post operation recovery process and also offers comfort by keeping the operated area on separate from your regular clothes, which could rub and cause irritation. Whether you call these post liposuction recovery garments, special support girdles, compression garments, or whatever else - these are some of the best sold on Amazon.

Helping to speed up the recovery process

By speeding up the healing process, post liposuction garments reduce the number of post operative visits required after surgery. Usually a patient only needs to have one follow up approximately six weeks after surgery after undergoing modern liposuction surgery. Additional visits are only required if there is pain or discomfort that persists. With all the modern techniques available that are low impact there is never a good reason for this to be a long term issue. If you find an abnormal amount of bruising or other post-procedure issues you need to get checked up on immediately.

Don't be afraid to ask questions, either. You should always make sure to speak with your physician prior to surgery to determine which post liposuction compression garment is right for you. They should be able to give you some exceptional advice to guide you towards the perfect match. Remember that knowledge is power and it's never a bad thing to get the knowledge you need!

Much more of a full body post liposuction recovery garment

Contour Compression Body Shaper Compression Garment Mid Thigh Body Shaper For Post Tummy Tuck, Thigh Lift, Liposuction : Style 27 (Large, Black)
Amazon Price: $130.15 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 21, 2014)
This is more of a full body compression garment for post lipo recovery and covers the upper legs, thighs, abs, stomach, back, and chest. Depending on where your liposculpture procedure focused on you may find that this recovery garment is a far better choice than many of the others that

Choosing out your ideal piece

When it comes to choosing your ideal post-liposuction garment, it's important to always remember that there are a wide variety of options to choose from and the price has very little to do with whether or not it's the best fit. The least expensive ones may not have the quality you desire, and the most expensive need to do their job just as well as any of the mid-priced models.

This is where looking at customer reviews and getting positive (or even negative) word of mouth feedback is so important to make sure you're making the right choice. Don't throw away your money on insufficient coverage but make sure you're getting the type of garment that you need and that offers the support you deserve!

No latex abdomen contour girdle

Abdomen Contour Girdle 1-L NO Latex
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There are many different abdomen girdles out there that give exceptional support after any type of a cosmetic or liposuction procedure. These are a great solution for individuals who have latex sensitivity and need support but need to make sure they're not touched by anything latex related for allergy reasons.

Post liposuction garment video

Great how-to video on how to wear a compression garment

This is the best video currently on YouTube on how to wear a compression garment post procedure to give you the maximum effect you want. You can feel firm, slim, and look good as your body heals.