PostUrOwn is a both a backlink site and an additional source of Adsense income. When you first register for PostUrOwn you are given the default Wordpress status of Subscriber.


PostUrOwn Peculiarities


You need to send the site owner, RT Cunningham a message asking to be changed to Contributor. RT lives in the Philippines, so is in a different time-zone from most of us, but he does not seem to need much sleep and responds very quickly


PostYourOwn (PostUrOwn) specifies a 300 word article length in well-written American or British English (Australian will do I imagine).


The best way to use this site is probably to wait until you know which Info Barrel articles are earning you money, then write a shorter version of the article to post on PostYourOwn.


Assuming you have been approved as a Contributor, log in and go to your Dashboard – Posts – Add New.


Paste your article in here, from a text editor on your own computer. You are allowed one link for every 150 words, so in your 300 word article you have two contextual links you can use.


When you read the Author Requiremants on PostUrOwn you will see you are required to include the target="_blank" link attribute. This just means make your link open in a new window. Links are done in the standard Wordpress link-formatting window.


You need to find the 'More' tag from the formatting toolbars above your post and insert that after the first or second paragraph. Just click after the appropriate paragraph and then click on the 'More' tag (4th from right, top row, looks like a cooker). This just splits your article so readers have to click 'More' to read the rest.


I suggest you include one link in the section before the 'More' tag and the second link near the bottom of your article.


You must include your keyword once in the first paragraph and twice in the body of the articlem but you would do that anyway.


There is an option to add an 'Author Info' box. You get an extra link if you do, so it's worth your while. Find the 'Block Quote' tag ( the " symbol just to the left of the Left Align button). Click that " and then type your bio. I usually include a contextual link and a page address like as well, without a link.


You then 'Submit for Approval'. All articles are individually approved by the man himself. I have never had any problems and he is very quick.


You will get an email saying your article has been approved. Log in again, go to your Dashboard and click Tools – PYOA Ad Manager. You need to add your own Adsense ads to each post, individually, clicking Save each time.


I am no techno whizzkid and I managed to do this without any problems. I think there may be a template where you just insert your own Adsense ID, or just set up an ad block in Adsense Ad Set Up, complete with channel info and paste the code into the two boxes, one for above and one for below your article. Most authors have not done this, but they are passing up a good source of income because the CTR fom PostUrown is very impressive.


You only need to set up the Adsense code once, because you can copy and paste it from older articles into new ones as they are approved.


Is PostUrOwn Worth it?


It sounds worse than it is. I like easy as much as the next person and I do not use this site just for backlinks. I do use it for articles that show promise though and my 300 word articles on there have earned me money.


The site has a PR of 2, though your articles will have a PR of 0 until they earn their own. All links are "DoFollow".


Once you have used it the first time PostYourOwn is very easy to use.