The magic of postage stamps

Magical postage stamps

Philately is an amazing hobby and once you become interested in collecting stamps it will become a hobby that be with you for many years. You may even pass on your stamp collection to your children if they show any interest in the hobby. It is possible to collect many different stamp images from so many countries around the world. An entire collection of postage stamp can be built around exotic birds, architecture or even sets of stamps featuring famous people such as presidents, movies stars and athletes.

The choice of which stamps to collect is unlimited and you may not even has to collect them from outside of your own home country.  The big, prolific stamp issuers are the USPS, Canada Post, Australia Post and the Royal Mail which is the postal service of the UK.

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Postage Stamp Magic

I have selected three stamp providers who have issued magical postage stamps and they are Royal Mail, La Poste and New Zealand Post but there were many more options available as many countries issue super-hero stamps, cartoon character stamps and stamps of a magical nature. I have just selected 3 that might be of interest featuring The Chronicals of Narnia, Harry Potter and King Arthur. Featuring movie scenes on postage stamps is proving to be very popular and has seen a huge upsurge in the number of issues in recent years. The latest movie issued stamps are from the all time classic Tolkien story of The Hobbit.

New Zealand postage stamp magic of Narnia

New Zealand Narnia postage stamp magicMagical Narnia postage stamp

The first magical stamp is from New Zealand’s Postal service. The stamp features Prince Caspian and is one stamp in the set of 4 that were issued by New Zealand Post. These stamps feature scenes from the movie called Prince Caspian.

The Chronicles of Narnia was written by CS Lewis and the film adaptation was filmed on the South Island with it jagged coast line. New Zealand is a great filmmaking location and has been the setting for other movies such as ‘The Lord of the Rings’. Look out for magical Lord of the Rings postage stamps which were also issued by New Zealand Post.

Magical postage stamps series

Morgan Le Fay Arthurian Legend postage stampKing Arthur postage stamp sorceress

The second stamp of a magical nature is of Morgan Le Fay from the King Arthur postage stamp set. It was issued by the Royal Mail which is the UK’s postal service. Collectors of Great Britain stamps will know how prolific the Royal Mail is at issuing innovation postage stamps and this magical selection is excellent.

Eight stamps of magic are featured in this collection featuring two stamps each from Harry Potter, King Arthur, Discworld and Narnia. Morgan or Morgana Le Fay was a famous sorceress in the King Arthur legend.

Harry Potter postage magic

Hermoine postage stamp La Poste(51171)Hermoine Granger Magical postage stamp

The final featured magic postage stamp is from France’s Postal service. La Poste issued my favorite stamp of magic which is the Hermoine Granger one. The French Postal service issued a sheet of ten stamps in 2007 to celebrate the finale of the Harry Potter series of books. Of the 10 stamps Harry Potter was featured 4 times and his friends Hermoine and Ron 3 times each.

There were just the 3 images but the sheet set sold as 10 stamps. This is the Hermoine Granger stamp which was issued as a second class stamp. The Harry one was ‘priorataire’ meaning first class. Hermoine was played by the actress Emma Watson.

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The magic of stamp collecting

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These three stamps would make a great start to anyone’s collection of magical postage stamps. The other linked stamps in the above series would give you over 20 magic stamps to start a collection but there are hundreds of magic related postage stamps issued throughout the word for you to collect and this article is just a taste of that magic.

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