How many can you recognize?

8 Postal stamp LogosEach country’s postal authority has its own unique logo. Some of them are immediately recognizable because the authority’s name is encompassed in the logo itself. Such is the case with several of the ones in the stamp image. The United States Postal Service is rather obvious as is Canada Post and Australia Post but when the issuing country name is not displayed the identifying process is more difficult. If you are well traveled and have visited Europe, Canada, Australia and the US you will have little difficulty identifying all of them as they are the best known stamp issuers.

Recognizing the 8 Logos

Although language is not a barrier to the hobby of stamp collecting, due to the visual nature of a postage stamp, the majority of philatelists will collect stamps from countries that use a language similar to their own. You will find that collectors of USPS, Canadian or Australian stamps will also collect stamps from other English speaking countries.

Non English Stamp Logos

There are four logos that are not in English. La Poste is French and Deutsche Post is German. Another European stamp issuer is Correos, which is the Spanish logo. All of the logo words mean the same thing and are related specifically to the word ‘post’. Despite the fact that the logos are in their own language many of their stamps feature well known faces that are internationally known, and as such they are very collectible stamps. An explanation of the fourth non English logo is given in the next paragraph.

Logo for Eire Stamps

The Irish one is green, the color of which is a bit of a giveaway (the green shamrock and the wearing of the green are symbolic of Ireland). Post is written on the logo but the word is not English. Instead, it is in the official language of Ireland, which is Gaelic. The Irish postal authority is called ‘An Post’ which phonetically is pronounced ‘Un Pussed’ and in the English language is simply ‘The Post’. Eire, the Irish word for Ireland is printed on all Irish postage stamps.

Logo of the Royal Mail

The Royal Mail Logo may not be easily connected with a country but is the official UK postal authority. United Kingdom stamps always show the head of the current monarch rather than the printed name of the issuing country. Someone new to philately might be perplexed for a time until they realize this fact.

Commemorative stamps

All of the postal service providers shown in the logo image produce wonderful stamps. The ‘real’ collectibles for stamp fans are the Commemorative stamps which celebrate famous people, events or even buildings. The USPS have produced commemorative stamp sets of Disney characters, famous Hollywood Legends, US presidents and political figures like Martin Luther King and others. Royal Mail UK has issued commemoratives of Royal Weddings as well as famous British celebrities, even including their well known comic book characters on stamps.

Definitive stamps

The common stamps (usually much smaller in size and measuring an inch square) issued by all mentioned above are called definitives and these are used for everyday mailing tasks. Some definitive stamps are attractive and are collected by stamp fans but the gems for collectors are the larger, and usually more colorful, issues. Many commemorative stamps, including new forever stamps, never see an envelope and reside unused in stamp albums throughout the globe.

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