If you have a number of postcards to display you probably need a few good postcard display ideas to implement into your home décor and decorative design. When friends and family send postcards or Christmas cards or any other types of announcements such as baby announcements, wedding announcements, or Save-The-Dates, these types of cards tend to be easily lost because they are not normal items to be stored in a home file cabinet. Likewise they are also not typically stored with other types of paperwork either.

Little known to the average person postcard display racks, stands and sleeves are readily available for consumers to help organize these types of documents and correspondence. It's not that a postcard display stand is a novel idea or exceptionally rare it's just that not many people think of this type of product and when the average person learns of them an ahh-ha moment typically occurs.

Many people like to store their postcards and pictures and other types of unique paperwork and decorations on their refrigerator however we all know how easily the refrigerator surface can fill up with pictures and postcards. Many crafty decorators will be able to arrange fantastic collages of postcards for display and pictures for remembrance but when the items stack up even the most decorative mind may find some limitations. A postcard display rack is actually one of the best ways to take your collection of postcards down from the fridge and spread them around the house for display in other areas.

Postcard display frames make making picture or postcard collages easy and allow you to display them anywhere around the house you want. As long as there is wall space available to hang a postcard frame or shelf space to set a frame upon your postcards can easily be displayed all about the house.

At Christmas time many families are quite familiar with lining mantels, bookshelves, and empty surfaces with Christmas cards that come in from all their friends and family and these same areas are great places to display your postcards and single card announcements. The difference however is that postcards are not easily able to stand on their own. They have to be leaving against a walled surface and they can easily be knocked down, damaged, or lost. The best postcard display ideas involve solving this problem and that usually means adding some sort of display stand which keeps you cards in a more secure location.

Most postcard display racks or postcard display stands are one of two different styles. They are an easel style stand which is capable of holding a card and has little notches which keep the postcard in place. The other main type of post card displays include the picture frame style displays which are either meant to hang on the wall or to be set on a shelf and leaned up against a picture stand. These types of postcard displays may be better for postcards which you plan on keeping and displaying for longer periods of time because the postcard is usually completely or more securely contained by the display case.

Another excellent postcard display idea is to find a set of postcard display sleeves which can hold your postcards, announcements, and pictures in a picture book or scrapbook style display book. Unlike scrap books or photo albums the postcard sleeves are designed strictly for the standard postcard sizes and you can even buy books with postcard dimensions so that no space is wasted. You could of course repurpose an old or new photo album too but that would require more work on your part to get the fit right.

Postcard sleeves can be purchased at many craft stores and scrapbooking stores but more often than not they will be more easily found online due to the smaller demand these products carry. In fact the same hold true for most types of postcard display cases, racks and stands because not a lot of people even think to buy a display stand for their postcards thus the amount of people shopping for these items is often small enough for local retailers to carry few options for this product type. Unless you are lucky you will be better served shopping online at the various specialty retailers.

In fact even if you are lucky enough to find quality postcard display cases and display sleeves at your local retail establishments you may still be better shopping online because the variety you will have to choose from will be much greater online. Much like buying an album for your photos not just any post card album will do. You want to find the right album for your style, the right size for your cards, and the right accessories such as post card sleeves to fit that album and shopping online for these items can make this possible and much simpler.

Of course all of these postcard display ideas are just embellishments to the simple and well known displays that everybody does on the sides of a refrigerator. If you are looking for a simple and creative way to display postcards on your fridge then you may want to consider looking into refrigerator postcard frames or simply start stocking up on decorative and collectable refrigerator magnets to hold your postcards up securely. Many magnets will hold cards up but some magnets are stronger than others and you may want to seek out the better magnets if you are going to have a larger collection on display.

As previously stated many of these items can easily be found in craft stores or home furnishing stores however prices may be a bit higher than what you can find online at specify home furnishing electronic retailers like Displays 2 Go, Brochure Holders Inc, or Display Warehouse. Other big internet stores can also add to your variety in selection and make comparison shopping for the best prices easier. Stores like Amazon, eBay and Etsy offer small merchants and even individuals to sell their postcard display racks, frames, and stands at sometimes unbeatable prices. You can't go wrong by doing a little more shopping around and you may just find something you never would have found anywhere else.