Postcard display racks are useful holders of greeting cards, post cards, and other small paper items.   Postcard stands can be used either in shops & commercial stalls, or smaller display racks placed in the home.  You can also get frames for cherished greeting cards from family or friends.

While most people would store their postcards, pictures and other paperwork and decorations on their refrigerator, we all know how hastily and easily the surface of the refrigerator can fill up in a certain amount of time, when you load it with heaps of postcards. Sure, if you are artistic and creative enough,you should be able to arrange and create collages and other designs for remembrance, but if they stack up, you will find that they have limitations. Creating postcard display racks is one of the best and safest ways to stow your postcard collection. You can even take postcard display racks up and down your house without any risk of damage.

What makes postcard display racks so awesome?

Making collages and other artistic designs are made easy and conveniently with postcard display racks.Postcard display racks even allow one to display these collages and designs anywhere around the room, and anywhere around the house. Postcard display racks take up very little space when used as decorations. You can even hang postcard display racks on walls, as long as you have the space to do so.

Postcard display racks – some types and tips

Majority of postcard display racks or stands are made up of either of these two different styles. One style is the easel style of postcard display racks, capable of holding a card in place with little notches to help tighten it to the rack. The second type of postcard display racks allow you to hang the picture frames or racks to hang on the wall, or even to be placed on a shelf against a picture stand. These types of postcard display racks could be more desirable for postcards that you want to keep for a longer period of time, as these styles of postcard display racks are completely and securely contained by the display case in postcard display racks.

You can also consider this next postcard display idea. You can find several sets of postcard display racks or sleeves that can keep hold of your postcards, announcements and pictures compiled in a picture book or album style book. Different from scrapbooks and photo albums, these display sleeves are specifically made for standard and ordinary postcard sizes. To save space, you could even go for books that have postcard size dimensions. Sure, you can recycle and repurpose an old or used photo album, but it would be a bit tougher on your part, requiring more effort to fit the postcards just right.

Making your own postcard display racks

So you want to go all artistic and make your own postcard display racks? Have no fear, because here are some steps for you to follow.

For this design, you will need a tobacco pipe carousel. Remove its top clear it of any loose tobacco,shaking its contents out. Then, clean the tobacco holder tube with a soft, clean cloth. Make sure that the carousel does not have any tobacco pipes attached to it. To get the carousel moist and to add some shine and luster, clean the tobacco pipe carousel with saddle soap or wood polish. Apply either of the two with a moist cloth.

Now that the tobacco pipe carousel’s all clean, you can now mount your postcards on the external edge of the pipe carousel. To do so, fasten them with metal binder clips that are stuck in the outer holes. You can also put the edges of the postcards in between of the upper and lower rims of the carousel to keep them in place and unmoving. To hold the postcards upright and standing, use metal or plastic sticks with small clips on top, or stick clips. Place these clips into the circle of holes in the middle of the tobacco pipe carousel with the postcards. And in the tobacco-holding tube, place another set of postcards.

To check if your newly made postcard display racks are ready, spin the tobacco pipe carousel, making sure if it rotates freely, and put any postcards that are out of position back in place.

Postcard display racks will not only give you a place to keep your most precious photos and postcards,they will also give these memorabilia of yours a special place to reside in while being displayed. Make or buy your own racks and see for yourself.