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WordPress is a great content organizing platform but it hasn't handled images very well, until now. FotoPress is here to make posting images a breeze.

Fotopress BoxCredit: FotoPress

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Past Problems Posting Images to WordPress
For years, it has been possible to post images to WordPress pages and posts, but the process was cumbersome. You had to find an image that you could use, or you could make one yourself. You would then edit in order to adjust the size, add text, or even add a border. Then you needed to upload the image to the WordPress library. Finally, you could use the image in a post.

Old Image Posting Steps
1) Find a Photo or Graphic - ensure you have rights to use it. Optionally ensure that you are allowed to modify it.
2) Edit the Photo or Graphic - use a program on the workstation such as Photoshop, Paint.Net, Picasa, or similar. Add text, effects, border, and resize as desired.
3) Upload to the Web Site - use the WordPress media library to save the image on the web site.
4) Activate - add the image to a post or a page.

FotoPress is Here
FotoPress is a game changer. This plugin adds a great deal of efficiency to the posting process. Whenever an image is required, the tool provides features that are designed to speed the process, improve the results, and make your web site much more attractive.

FotoPress Posting Steps
1) Find a Photo or Graphic - FotoPress lets you search libraries by keyword, without leaving the WordPress editor. Libraries are searched as required. Usage rights are automatically enabled for all choices.
2) Edit the Selection - FotoPress has a photoshop style editor built in. With it, you may resize, add effects, add text, add borders, and perform other changes that you desire. You can even use layers to style the end product as you see fit. Best of all, editing is now performed entirely within the posting process. There is no disruption to the creative process.
3) Upload to the Web Site - FotoPress loads the selected choice automatically, with any design changes you desire.

With a little practice, the above efficient steps can be accomplished in a matter of seconds. Contrast that with the older method which often took many minutes. Now the process is easy, fast, and fun. The posting process is a joy to use, and results are much more dynamic and attractive to viewers.

Fotopress BoxCredit: FotoPress

Tool Configuration
This tool is a WordPress plugin. It is easily added to the administration dashboard. The initial set up is simple and it includes most of the highly desired features. Additional adjustments are possible. These include the ability to use additional photo sources.

Optional Upgrades
FotoPress is initially configured to use several photo sources. These may be all many administrators may need. Upgrades allow access to video libraries, GIF repeating sequences, and more. The basic functionality, significantly improved over normal web page handling, may be adequate, but advanced administrators may want to explore the additional abilities. For the money, the additional features do represent a true bargain. The time saved, and improved look and feel of the final web site, is worth a great deal to many web site masters.

Purchasing Premium Plugins
In modern times, many web site masters seem to be reluctant to purchase premium plugins and themes. This is often a mistake. While there are many great free examples available, there are limitations. Often support is lacking. Additional features may be missing, only to be activated with payment. Premium plugins represent a big improvement over many free tools. First, support is often much better. The team releasing paid tools can earn more sales if the buyer community is happy. Good customers will recommend the tool to friends an associates. Unhappy customers won't recommend tools to anyone.

Development Costs
All tool makers have expenses. The cost of equipment is significant. Staff time for development, and testing, can be even more expensive. All successful companies must be reimbursed for their expenditures, with profit, if they are to survive. The web tool arena is not a charity for development companies. As users of web tools, it is important to support the developers who make great products, who sell at acceptable prices.

Get FotoPress Now
This WordPress plugin is available to help with the web site posting process. It makes adding images a breeze compared to the previous process. What was once a highly manual method is now much more automated. The tool keeps the web designer focused on the posting task. It reduces the need for other bulky tools. In short, web administrators have not had such an easy time with their sites until now.


Plugin Demo In Action

A Message to Web Site Authors

No longer do WordPress administrators have to contend with the old steps when photos, or graphics, were required on posts. The search, edit, upload, include functions, which were slow, are now greatly simplified. The new plugin is a welcome addition to any web site master's toolkit. It takes a previously cumbersome method and streamlines it. Adding great graphics to web pages is now easier than ever. Royalty free imagery can be added in seconds. Public domain photos are available for instant inclusion in web pages. Usage rights are assured. Required edits may be performed, without leaving the development platform. Adding great content to web pages has never been easier. Get this must-have plugin tool now for your web site. It will make the content design process amazing. 

Make the web site building process fun again. This plugin makes it possible. The cumbersome steps are largely eliminated. The photo posting process which used to take several minutes, at least, is now streamlined into seconds. Now the designer can concentrate on finding the right graphic to go with the post, not with the tedious edit/upload steps.

Royalty Free Rights

Web designers are advised to review usage terms for all imagery that they choose to use on their site pages. Ensure that available libraries are used which only contain items that may be used commercially by designers. There are serious financial implications when usage rights are not respected. The situation can be very confusing. Public domain, royalty free, and other sites, do exist. The difference between the contents can be vital. Be safe, use FotoPress.