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WordPress, the popular content management system, is excellent for speeding web site publishing, but there has been a big problem until now. It has not allowed easy posting of images to web pages. Luckily that problem is finally solved.

Problems When Posting Images with WordPress
While it has always been possible to post graphic items with WordPress, the process has been cumbersome. From finding appropriate graphics, to editing, to uploading, many manual steps were required. Each was time consuming and often required supplemental programs for best effects. Furthermore, there were no structured accesses to libraries of multimedia content that could easily be included into web pages.

Announcing FotoPress
FotoPress is a new plugin that adds advanced graphic handling capabilities to web designers. This tool allows much easier posting of media files. It provides a search mechanism that has access to many thousands of files. It adds advanced digital editing capabilities and a seamless posting process that is very easy for the web administrator.

fotopress boxCredit: fotopress

Royalty Free Images

FotoPress is configured with a search tool that accesses royalty free libraries. Searching by keyword, a web page administrator can find a PNG or JPG file for a post. A small thumbnail view is presented, allowing the designer to easily scan files for applicability. The desired file can be clicked which brings it into the content management system. All such inclusions are automatically authorized for use by the public. Sources include public domain sites and others which allow re-use.

Easy Editing of Content
After the desired PNG or JPG is selected, the FotoPress plugin provides an editor. With it, the designer can modify files to improve their look on the Internet. Adding text overlays is easy. As well, a border can be added. Various other customizations are provided, all of which improve the quality of the published page.

fotopress boxCredit: fotopressNew Posting Steps
The new plugin tool streamlines the process of posting images to web sites.
1) Finding appropriate items - you can now search for digital files by keyword, without leaving the WordPress editor. Libraries are searched for royalty free and public domain items as required. Usage rights are automatically enabled for all choices.
2) Editing - a photoshop style editor is built in. This feature allows resizing, special effects, text laying, borders and more. Editing is now performed entirely within the content tool. There is no disruption to the creative process since additional external programs are not required.
3) Uploading - FotoPress loads royalty free or public domain items automatically, after your design changes are applied.

Efficiency Defined
With a little practice, a web designer can now include graphics in a matter of moments. Compared to older methods, FotoPress is much faster, easier, and it makes the procedure fun. Best of all, final Internet page results are much more dynamic and attractive to viewers.

Tool Setup
This imaging tool is a WordPress plugin. It is easily added to the web site dashboard. Installation is simple and the settings are easily configured with additional photo libraries for finding desired royalty free items.

Optional Upgrades
FotoPress is initially able to search a variety of Internet photo sources. Many administrators will not need any more. Optional upgrades allow access to video libraries, GIF files, and more. The standard functionality, significantly improved over normal sites, may be enough. Those wishing advanced web sites will want to install the additional abilities. Compared to the cost of custom applications, these upgrades represent excellent value. They are actually a true bargain. The tool is time saving, and provides improved look and feel with the final web site. This capability is worth a great deal to many web site masters.

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Premium Plugin Purchases

Unfortunately, many modern web site masters seem to be reluctant to purchase software for their web sites. This includes the purchase of premium plugins and themes. Avoiding software purchases is often a mistake. While there may be free tools available, they typically come with limitations. Often support is lacking. Free software often lacks additional features, which can only be activated with a payment. Premium plugins can represent a big improvement over many of the available free tools. Support is often much better. The development team is motivated to release quality tools. They can promote more sales with a satisfied buyer community. Recommendations of satisfied customers of the tool will often generate sales from their friends an associates. Unhappy customers are detrimental to sales so developers are keen to reduce problems. Providing quality support to users is a business goal.

Development Costs for Software Applications
All software development companies have expenses. Equipment costs are significant. Staff wages for development, and especialy testing, can be even more expensive. All successful companies must have their costs covered, and have enough revenue left for profit, if they are to thrive. Software development is a serious industry that provides value to the economy. Users of web tools should be ready to support developers of the tools. This includes purchasing premium tools when they represent good value for the web site administrator. With adequate support, development companies are able to deliver quality tools at affordable prices.

Get the FotoPress Plugin
FotoPress is now available to greatly simplify the web site development process. It makes adding JPG or PNG graphics and photos a breeze compared to the previous method. The once highly manual method is now much more automated, and simplified. This tool keeps the design process focused on the content posting task. It reduces the need for additional tools. Until now, web administrators have not been able to use such time saving tools. 

Multimedia Content

Most web site administrators will agree that including multimedia content on web pages makes them much more attractive to viewers. They allow easier viewing as the text blocks are supplemented by eye catching graphic blocks. Whether still graphics or video, including multimedia items is a highly popular pursuit for most web site administrators. The process can be fairly time consuming, or at least it was. Now quality software tools now are available that save time during the posting process. They allow the design process to concentrate on producing a highly effective viewer experience, faster than ever possible before.

Royalty Free Images - The Right Images to Use on Your Web Site

Why bother with copyrights? Make sure that you only post images that you are authorized to use!