Postloop is another get paid to website for people who wants to try writing or posting to earn online.

Postloop offers forum owners to start-up their forums or to make it more lively again by hiring people who likes to post in forums and Postloop offers paid posters or forum posters to get paid to reply or create threads in forums that they enjoy.

General Information about postloop a website that lets you earn by forum posting

Postloop's system is unique and simple. Postloop would be the one who will acts like a middle man or intermediary that forum owners pay to look for people who would like to write for their forums. On the other hand, paid forum posters will be assured to be paid because postloop acting as the middle man will be unbiased or neutral on how you act or reply on forums you write to.
1 post in one post on forum that is listed on Postloop will get you 1-2 points plus % based on your ratings(will be discussed below) 1 point = $0.050. Postloop uses paypal so withdrawing for paid forum posters or deposit for forum owners is easier. For those who wants to withdraw, there is a $5 minimum cashout that is easy to get in a day.

Postloop also has a rating system. The rating system is from 1-5 and 5 being the highest. People who have a higher rating, will be given a better chance to participate in more forums that have a rating restriction And will be given a higher % bonus rate per post. For example you have a rating of 3.5 you will not get a chance to join a forum that wants 3.8 raters or higher. Ratings will be given by forum owners.

Benefit for forum owners

Forum owners that will be using postloop has a chance to make their forum more lively by giving it a jolt of new members or posters. Postloop's rating system makes it better for forum owners to limit people spamming their forums and let those who put effort the postings join their forum. Postloop also makes forum have a higher chance of becoming popular because of increase traffic for keywords, post and threads forum posters write.

Benefit for forum posters

Paid forum posters would be given a chance to make money to things that they enjoy doing in the first place. Getting more information on things that they do not know before and getting reviews or comments on things that you think about.

My Opinion on Postloop

Postloop is a great place to earn. The minimum cashout of $5 can be easily done in less than a day( my highest in a day is $10+) which is great for everyone who is starting the earn online scene or wants to have another outlet to earn online.
What I hate about the postloop is that sometimes, forum owners are extremely grammar nazi. They will rate you down even if you have only written 3 post on 1 forum and with little grammar mistakes. They will also sometimes rate you down when you have just replied without creating threads on one forum

Postloop is really a great place to earn.