The benefits of using a postpartum girdle after C-section

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Postpartum Girdle C SectionRecently, using postpartum girdle has increased in popularity. Postpartum girdle relieves postpartum pain and helps to reshape a woman’s abdominal region after giving birth; however, wearing a postpartum girdle is not a remedy for all difficulties after giving birth. It is a tool women can use for abdominal strengthening and toning but it has to be used along with proper diet and exercise.

Postpartum girdle is also called belly binder, belly wrap or abdominal binder. They are lightweight, highly adjustable and fasten with hook and eye closures or velcro. Each is made of stretchable fabric: polyester, cotton, nylon, elastic and spandex.

Does a Postpartum Girdle Really Help Shrink Your Stomach?

Pregnancy causes chaos on a woman’s abdominal muscles. The internal organs of a woman are shifted out of their original positions. Crazy it may seem but true. The small and large bowels are shifted laterally and upward; diaphragm and stomach in the same way are also moved; ligaments and muscles are stretched substantially.  After giving bPostpartum Girdle Motherhoodirth, the organs do not move back to their original positions at once. It takes time for the peritoneal organs of the mother to return to their original positions.

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It is claimed by some that wearing postpartum girdle can speed up the organs to go back to their original positions and promote healing faster than not wearing postpartum girdles. Some also claim that wearing postpartum girdle is effective in getting a woman’s stomach back in shape quickly. Postpartum Girdle AmazonCompression is also said to be helpful in providing additional benefit to a woman who underwent cesarean section by simply minimizing post-surgical incision pain.

Dr. Jay M. Goldberg, M.D, OB/Gyn is a proponent of the postpartum girdle and he also endorses the Belly Bandit. He claims that with the use of postpartum girdle the lower back is forced to straighten by compressing the abdomen. This helps in relieving pressure on the healing abdomen thus a rapid healing has a better chance of taking effect.

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There is no official study that have been done to verify the efficacy of the postpartum girdle; however, a rapidly growing number of women, as well as doctors, claim that using postpartum girdle assisted with the faster healing process and that it also helped reduce the pain at the same time. Some hospitals give postpartum girdles to mothers after giving birth.

It is still best to check with your doctor and to do exercise as soon as it is safe. Proper diet also helps pretty much. Breastfeeding is best for babies and is also beneficial to mothers during this period.

What Most Women Agree On About Using a Postpartum Girdle

Women buy girdles mainly to help them get their flat tummies back.  Separate from making the stomach flatter, there are other advantages that women can benefit fromPostpartum Girdle Belt using postpartum girdles. Most women who use girdles agree that postpartum girdles add extra abdominal support they need after giving birth. It also helps decrease abdominal pain, back pain, incision pain and also, it helps them look better in the clothes they wear.

Types of Postpartum Girdles

There are different types of postpartum girdles and each offers different levels of compression. Some postpartum girdles are like body shaper underwear that provides support, smoothing and flattening of the tummy. Other postpartum girdles are body suits; mid-thigh girdles; belts that extends around the back and fastens in the front.

It is the standard belly wrap that provides the most compression; designed to expand less than lycra-type girdle. It is up to you to decide which level of compression you are comfortable with and which will work best for your needs.