What is Postscabetic Dermatitis?

Unlike what some people might think by its name, Postscabetic Dermatitis has got nothing to with scabies. Nor should its treatment be confused with that of scabies. There is a subtle difference between the two. Scabies occurs due to mites that infect our skin and start living there whereas Postscabetic Dermatitis is the allergic reaction that our body shows to mites and their treatment. Once the mites are eliminated, scabies may also go but Postscabetic Dermatitis persists and requires a completely different treatment, which involves taking control of allergy as well as after effects of scabies. Generally, it is restricted to the scabies infected areas but can spread if proper medical advice is not followed.

Symptoms of Postscabetic Dermatitis

The main characteristic of Postscabetic Dermatitis is the incessant itching. It may occur all day long but normally increases when the patient is about to sleep. Some patients cannot sleep throughout the night because of itching, which can start after the patient has slept and can last for hours thereby giving him a sleepless night and making him irritable due to inadequate rest.

Treating Postscabetic Dermatitis

Many people start treating Postscabetic Dermatitis with medicines used for scabies or continue using medicines for scabies long after the mite has been eliminated without realizing that what they suffer from is Postscabetic Dermatitis, which is essentially an allergy. It needs special diagnosis and generally a long-term treatment for that allergy. This treatment should be under the proper guidance of a doctor.

One should avoid taking self-medication consisting of medicines, liniments and ointments based on own knowledge or advice of others. Nor should one address the problem by taking midlines for scabies. Since it is an allergy, the first step should be to identify Postscabetic Dermatitis properly.

Whenever a case of Postscabetic Dermatitis is suspected, do not hesitate to seek help and advice of a qualified dermatologist, who can help in identifying the allergy and prescribe the right medication. Sometimes medicines need to be changed in case they do not show good response. Only a doctor would be able to decide that. Wrong medicines may only make the situation even worse and spread Postscabetic Dermatitis infection to the other areas of the body.

Hot water bath sometimes sooths the symptoms so one can take recourse to it if there is a a great deal of itching but it is always advisable to seek professional help at the earliest. Postscabetic Dermatitis may not be a life threatening disease but for the person who suffers, it is no less because it gives him sleepless nights, which create further ailments in the body besides making him irritable.

One should never avoid or skip doses of ointments and medications prescribed by the doctor because the treatment gives best results if it is religiously followed through till its end.

Keeping the body dry, adequate intake of water and other fluids, following a proper regimen and maintaining proper hygiene helps in overcoming the symptoms.