A posture bra is a wonderful garment that not only provides the proper support that a woman needs, but also keeps her body in proper alignment, which minimizes the amount of pain and stress on her neck, back, and shoulders. This type of bra can't solve every ache or pain associated with poor posture, but it can go a long way to making a woman feel more comfortable all day long.

Women who experience back and neck pain do not usually consider their bra to be the cause right away. They may spend far too long considering back or neck injuries or limiting their exercise or sports participation thinking that the root cause is something more substantial than just a bra. Once the lightbulb goes on (or a visit to the doctor inspires the thought) a trip to a department store or online shop may save the day.

Many modern bras are more "show than go" and are pretty to look at, but have forgotten their true purpose. Fashion has become more important than support. Smaller chest bands, flimsy straps or strapless bras, and other features found on modern bras only add to the problem. Many women are amazed the first time the try on a posture bra because they had no idea that a bra could be so comfortable.

Features of a Posture Bra

Posture BraWide Shoulder Straps – One of the most notable characteristics of a posture bra are the wide, flat shoulder straps. These straps more evenly distribute the weight of the chest without digging into a woman's skin. The wide strap design also ensures that the straps stay flat and in place instead of twisting and moving around.

Wide Back Strap – The best and most supportive bras have a wide back band. This band is what provides almost all of the actual support in modern bras – not the straps! On many modern bras this band can be thin and almost decorative rather than being the foundation for support. Once a woman sees a proper support bra the difference is obvious.

Front Support Straps – Many bra manufacturers have taken to providing strap support across the front of the bra as well. This is usually done in a criss-cross fashion with the weight then distributed to the wide shoulder straps. This feature is, again, found on the best posture bras.

The muscles of the back are what support the chest. Alignment and support helps the body work against gravity. If a woman stays hunched over even just a little the problem is compounded. A good bra aligns the back and shoulders. A woman does not have to look like a Marine and be ramrod straight, but just properly erect. This act alone will go far in relieving minor shoulder and back pain. It is always a good idea to practice daily exercises to strengthen the back and neck muscles, too. This will help any bra support better. There is no miracle cure for pain, but a woman wants to give herself every advantage she can in the fight to stop it.

Shopping for a posture bra is easy. They are available at most department stores. The Playtex 18 Hour Bra is a popular choice. It can be purchased at many stores and online. Many women may complain that it is not sexy enough, but how sexy do you need to feel all day working at the office? For some, there may have to be a small bit of fashion sacrifice if they wish to overcome this pain. Get a posture bra now so you don't need a posture corrector later!