Build a Potting Bench – Its worth it!

The potting bench is definitely the heart of a garden and while every garden is different, the kind of potting bench that each garden would require will also be different. You can definitely get a lot of options available in the market, in the form of pre-made benches. If you have been looking for a bench that will be a perfect fit your garden in terms of the design as well as the utility, you must look to build a potting bench by yourself.

You might not be a carpenter but with simple instructions to follow you can build a potting bench that will act as furniture and also provide great design value to your garden.

Design Your Outdoor Potting Bench

Any good product is a result of a thoughtful design. You can be the best judge of the kind of purposes that a, storage cum decorative, table would serve in your garden. The design of the potting bench should be able to accommodate bigger drawers for more storage and a sleeker design to go with other exteriors that you would have in the garden.

Also look at the placement of your potting bench, because if it is going to be in the corner, you would have one rear end that possibly no one would see while the other side needs to be worked on. In case you want to place the bench in the center, you will have to ensure that the design is well rounded and can look good from all sides.

Choose Your Potting Bench Material

After you have the design ready you must look for selecting the right type of material to build a potting bench. Wood is the most preferred material for these benches, especially Redwood and Cedar. Both these types of wood are quite affordable and very durable as well. Choosing the right material will ensure that you have a sturdy product that will not require extensive maintenance. This solid fir garden bench, for example, only runs around $150 and will give you many years of service. 


Start with the Frame

When you begin the carpentry, you must start with the frame. It gives you a structural base to work on which means that you will be able to visualize the bench in a better way once you start working. Also it gives you room to incorporate the last minutes changes to your design, if required. Once the entire frame is ready, the majority of your work is done. 

Did you Know?

Foldable potting benches offer you a lot of flexibility if you don't have a tremendous amount of space to work with. Just fold them up and file them away when they're not in use. 

foldable potting bench for small spaces

Assemble the Other Parts

Since the frame is all ready, you must start cutting other pieces of wood to assemble the other parts of your potting bench. Make sure that while fitting the wooden slab the nails correctly placed so that the structure can be stable. Also ensure that no pointed end is left open, it could cause a lot of damage. In case you design requires external additions to the bench, make sure that you can buy them after taking accurate measurements.

You can also involve you kids when you build a potting bench, as it turns out to be a fun-filled activity. Especially, once you have the bench ready you can ask you children to help you paint or do some minor add-ons. While you can teach them a lot of things and spend quality time with them, you also have to ensure that there are proper safety measures taken as the tools can cause some serious harm.