The loo

Don't you hate it when you're at the movies and at an exciting point in the story you realize you're going to have to make a visit to the rest room? It's a tough decision whether to just get up and go, or try to predict an upcoming moment when the storyline looks like it might start to drag. After you return to your seat, you always feel you missed something so you ask your partner to fill you in. If they do, you're getting caught up, but at the same time you're missing what's happening on the big screen. Another problem - even whispers will disturb other members of the audience.

Well now there's a way to deal with this whole issue. Just when you think you've heard of everything comes a website called While the site is very humorous, it purpose is to provide a seriously helpful service. When you go to the website, focus on the yellow letters "" at the top of the page. In a moment the letter "N" will begin to squirm, jump up and down, and finally race off the screen. Seconds later the yellow letters begin to lose their color and turn grey. The "N" returns to its proper place and a dialogue bubble appears asking, "What did I miss?" This is very clever stuff!

When you're done laughing, check out the entire website. lists the movies that are currently showing in theatres and the ideal time to visit the potty during each one. PeeTimes are suggested in two ways: minutes, like "31 minutes into the movie", and also by action; what the character is doing on screen. These cues, which you can print out from the web page, tell you when it's a good time to go. And the reason you know it's a good time is that the movie has been reviewed and the viewer guarantees that while you're gone there will be no big plot twists or excitement. In other words, you won't miss much while you're gone. More than one ideal time is offered in case you're downing one of those giant drinks from the concession stand.

The website's catch line is "Helping your bladder enjoy going to the movies as much as you do." The help comes from more than the website or the printed information. Run Pee is also an App. Are you a lone movie viewer? Look at the App on your mobile device and read what happened on screen while you were gone to the loo. For those too engrossed in the story to remember PeeTimes, there's more help. The App has the ability to vibrate your iPhone to alert you that it's time to go!