Perhaps you have a child that needs to be potty trained? Perhaps your son or daughter is being difficult, or maybe you have tried everything to get your toddler to use the potty, but nothing seems to be working. Maybe your toddler, that needs to be potty trained, just does not seem to care that he or she has messed their pants. I am here to tell you there is hope. I potty trained my difficult toddler in one week using the method below, this was after I had tried all the other methods I could think of or heard about.

Things You Will Need

potty chair


Step 1

potty train

First get rid of the substitute underwear. I found that these were hindering my toddler's potty performance. Be prepared to deal with the mess. After a day or two and a few accidents in the pants my toddler would run to the potty. Feeling messy just did not cut it. By using underwear and their pants as the only protection, the mess tends to run down their legs instead of being held in one spot as diapers do. The mess makes them feel more uncomfortable. Diapers and pull ups can be expensive, so using only underwear as a means of potty training is an added bonus. Many children do not want to feel dirty. It won't be fun, some hours may be filled with about 5 potty accidents and other⠀ ˜s won⠀ ˜t, this method worked pretty well for me. At first my toddler would make the mess in the pants and did not seem to care. Be patient, it will get to them sooner than you think. In plain words, be more stubborn than your child in this situation.

Step 2

You will have to remind yourself to ask your child if he or she has to use the potty about ever half hour. I have read that you should ask about every hour, but when I waited it was to late. This depends on the child. If he or she is able to go longer between potty breaks, then allow it. Be prepared to wash small loads of clothes often, keeping in mind that this may only take one week and then all will be well.

Step 3

You can make it fun with songs and activity, for some children the songs and activities may not make a difference. They may not care that they have a talking potty either. If you child is not amused by bells and whistles, then save your money and buy a simple potty. Some children may like the idea of a singing or a talking potty, this all depends on the child. Wait until your son or daughter has several dry nights in a row with the diapers on before allowing your toddler to sleep with underwear on.

Step 4

Plan to stay home most of the time during your week of potty training. Being at home will allow easier clean up for both you and your toddler. Some children do not like using public restrooms. Using the potty can be a frightening and/or an exciting experience for a small child. If they are in their safety zone they may deal better with the change.

Step 5

If you have to send your child to a sitter or daycare, speak with the care provider and explain to them how you wish that your child⠀ ™s potty training be handle. Explain the method in which you wish to use to potty train your toddler. Be sure to send plenty of extra clothes and underwear in the case an accident should occur.

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