Cute Puppy

The moment you walk in the door with your new puppy potty training begins. To help you with your training establish a daily routine for them and for you, routines are a great way to Potty Train Puppy as they learn that certain things happen at certain times and they will start to understand that quickly… in particular with feeding time.

The 6 Golden Rules For Success!!!

1) Select a designated spot for puppy to use. From now on that’s puppies spot. This is the first thing you’ll do when you bring puppy home, it might be a good idea to pick this spot before you bring your dog home.

2) Accept the fact that puppies need to go a lot! New puppies have small bladders and with all the excitement of a new home you’ll need to be extra watchful. As a rule new pups will want to go every ½ hour in the daytime. Get into the habit of taking them out after every meal, nap times and especially after getting all worked up from playing.

Never get into the habit yet of letting puppy have unsupervised reign of the inside of the house. Once potty training is completed you can give them more freedom, generally speaking dogs won’t soil in their den but it’s going to take some time and training before they realize that the hole house is there den.

Potty Train Puppy3) Choose a “trigger word” and use it a lot in training. To aid with Potty Train Puppy use the selected word to associate it with time to go potty, be sure the word is one that you going to be happy with. As training progresses puppy will learn the sound and tone of the word and learn what it means.

It would be a good idea to try and keep outside potty time as quick as possible. Some places during the winter get to be pretty cold and you won’t want to stand in the cold waiting for puppy! It’s good to teach that potty time means do your business!

4) Always praise good actions! Dogs want to please their master so praise them when they go in the right spot, you’ll want to impress upon them that you’re happy with what they did, and they need to know that!


5) Don’t punish puppy for a mistake. Don’t ever scold your puppy for having an accident if you didn’t catch them in the act. Your puppy doesn’t know what’s right or wrong fully yet. It’s not all their fault, maybe you were away longer then you should have been. Just be more watchful and consider getting a crate for times when you need to be away.

6) Its O.K. to scold them if you catch them in the act. If you catch them going potty in the place scold them, pick them up and take them out to their designated spot and when they have finished praise them. This will further reinforce that you love them, be sure to use the trigger word as their going potty outside.

These golden rules are a guide to help you to succeed at Potty Training Puppy as with all things you’re going to have some bad days...Just continue and In no time you'll be past this hurdle.