Potty training in itself is one tedious task. It can be a brilliant plan to help the young child keep their mind off being forced to use this strange looking thing and actually laugh and have a little fun.

Here are a few ideas that personally I found helps accomplish learning a little bit about reading and potty training at the same time.

* Make a few flashcards. Don't start out using full words. You could put the letter M on a card and find a picture of a Monkey to show along with it or draw one. Youngsters enjoy things that fill them with surprise.

* You could show your child the letter and say,' M is for monkey, and he wants to tickle you." Now you're both laughing. Show him once more while repeating my suggestion.

Don't forget to make the sound clearly and then wait to see if your child tries to imitate this sound. Do this regularly! Children learn easier when learning takes on the meaning of the word fun.

Parents could always keep a box of raisins in the bathroom. Tell them your proud of them when they have went to the bathroom successfully. Give them lots of praise. Now! You could surprise them with a few raisins for a job well done.

Keep this letter M in the bathroom. Parents can do this until successful recognition is made. Try thinking of fun M words that will lighten up your child's face and their imagination.

The letter M is a great letter. Many great, fun words to interest a spirited youngster. Here are a few:

  • Monkey- as I stated before.
  • Milk- This maybe a good one for ones still drinking from a bottle.
  • Mommy- Hug them while saying the word,' Mommy.'

Think about what your child likes that starts with the letter M. Give the child the card and say it and make the sound that the M makes.

Do this every time they need to use their potty chair. It will help them keep their mind on less frustrating subjects.

Potty training can be a time for more than just discovering how to use their small chair with a strange hole in it.

Children want us to help them feel less stress while learning all things new. Learning about taking that trip to the bathroom today and learning the letter M is their fun lesson for the day.

Tomorrow another fun lesson. What letter will be next? Grab your child and remember the bathroom is that a way. Now, laugh! Always remember to help your child have fun while learning.