Potty training is now moving along with accidents here and there. Let's put our minds together and concentrate on the letter for the day.

The letter for the day is D. You guess it! One for Daddy now. Make a flash card with the letter D on it. Now, look at your child and smile and say D Daddy. Your child will probably say Dada. You now give your child much praise and a big smile.

Sometimes Daddies aren't in your child's life for different reasons. Then I'll help you think of other suggestions.

Dog is another great word to bring into the conversation. You can either draw a picture of a dog, or find a picture of one. Now all you need to do is keep the flashcard and the picture in the bathroom with you for their next bathroom adventure.

Flash cards work well but talking works just as well. Let your child know you're having fun as well. If you seem bored with trying to accomplish potty training and letter recognition, so will your child.

Children are so smart. They want to learn. Give them the right tools and they'll be a great carpenter. This means that if you teach a child how to build their imagination he will stack up more than just a few letter blocks to the sky.

Think about the letter D. Give your child many opportunities throughout the day to hear words that start with this letter.

The potty chair is one great way to bring the letter D into the day's conversation, but there are others. If you're watching television, try to find words that start with the letter D. Then, say them, and watch for your child's expression.

Take a walk outside and talk about the dogs that are walking and playing around. Make your child feel the excitement within your voice when you mention the word dog. This helps them remember words and helps retain them.

Buy your child a cheap inexpensive children's first dictionary. Keep this in the bathroom. Tell them Daddies and Mommies have magazines in the bathroom and this is there special book.

More fun learning experiences in the bathroom will help them learn about the letter D.

Give them lots of praise and today talk a lot about the letter D. Go around the house and sing a song about the letter D. Make up silly things like," Daddy D will be coming in the D door soon.

The day is closing and bedtime is near. Tell your child you love them and will be quite near. Let them to take their D card in the bathroom for one last trip. If they've done quite well today with learning this letter, give them the option of keeping it or throwing it away. They now can be told they're a big kid now and they'll be moving on to another letter flashcard tomorrow.