Hopefully by now your youngster has been learning how to use his very own special sized toilet, and learned some fun letter sounds and words.

Previously in lesson 1 and 2, I covered a few great letters and word choices. They were the letters M and D. The sounds and words were discussed.

This time maybe hold up the M and the D and slowly make the sounds of each and see how your youngster reacts. Some children learn faster than others. Some children may not remember what you taught them the day before. Remember always be patient. It's really all about fun letter recognition while trying to control their bathroom urges.

You may want to think of buying a cheap inexpensive box or envelope. You can show and tell your child all about this special place you'll be storing your letter cards and pictures. You may find that your child starts going to the bathroom more just to add to his daily fun.

Try keeping an extra set in his playroom. Your child will interpret learning to more than just the bathroom area. Keep as many sets of the ones you've picked everyday as you would like. You could keep a set in the kitten for those times you child wants some entertainment. Always be ready to teach them something when the opportunity comes knocking on your door. If you're baking muffins talk about the M flash card you have hopefully stashed in one of your kitchen drawers.

Like I said before sometimes Mommies and Daddies don't live with one another. Use the letters that represent the ones who do live with your child. There are always great alternatives if one opens their minds and thinks.

Another great M sound you can make is the sound of a cow. Moo!!!!! Choose a picture of a cow and put an M on it some where. This is a fun card. Funny sounds are always a pleaser with young children. This can be a time that true acceptance is found within the bond you have together. Learning and bonding can mold a great future.

So far your child has learned some great words that start with the letter M and D. If you think your child needs a couple more days having fun with these two letters, then do so. Never hurry your baby genius.

Next time another letter that aids your child while learning his bathroom duties. Just remember to always have fun.