Potty Training Methods

Interested in Learning Potty Training Methods?

As you are well aware, no two babies are the same. When it comes to teaching babies and small children different things, they all take their own time to learn how to do something. This applies to teaching a child to walk, talk, and of course the most important one (and the one that most parents have a lot of frustration with) is potty training. Some parents think it's a race and that their child has to be potty trained as quickly as possible. This often forces them to seek out the best possible potty training methods.

There are a lot of different potty training methods and of course what will work for one child may not be all that successful for another. The key is to always to try to remain positive toward your child, as children have a way to absorb their parents' feelings and can become upset and frustrated if you are. If you have a positive attitude, there's a good chance they will too. Also, don't be afraid to ask for help with potty training.

Types of Potty Training Methods

There are many potty training methods that you can try with your child and there are many potty training aids that can help you. For example, there is a child's toilet seat that sits on an ordinary toilet so that the child can use the "grown up" toilet, which can be quite exciting a child, but as scary for other children. By using this type of special toilet seat for the child, you can gradually ease him or her into using a toilet like older children and adults do. It's far better than placing them right on the normal toilet immediately. While sometimes it can work, other times it could scare the child, because he or she might fear falling into the toilet. The last thing you want is for the child to develop a toilet phobia.

Other potty training methods include training pants, which are similar to diapers, but they can be easily pulled up and down. These are great if you are out and about, and may not be able to quickly find a toilet for your child. The last thing you want is for your child to become upset or embarrassed because they have had an accident in public.

One of the other effective potty training methods is the use of an incentive. Give your child rewards for using the toilet properly, to give him or her the incentive to try. Many children are fully capable of doing it, but they are very comfortable with their diapers. Sometimes potty training methods are much more effective when an incentive is involved (e.g. a toy or getting to stay up 30 minutes past a given bedtime).

Once you have found potty training methods that work with your child and you have successfully trained your child to use the toilet, you are then back to square one for finding the best potty training methods that help your child stay dry at night. Just like using the toilet, will happen eventually when your child is ready.

Don't Stress Out About Using Different Potty Training Methods

Think about which potty training methods are best for your child and try them out. Remember, your child will learn it eventually. The key is to make sure not to pressure them. Relax about it, and don't forget that accidents will happen from time to time as you go through this process. If you ever catch yourself thinking "Ahh, my child will never become potty trained!", think about this for a moment: How many 10 year old kids do you see running around in diapers?