Potty training puppies should not be a complex task, but in many situations it can be due to having the adults and the children in the family participating in the training of the puppy.

The different styles of everyone make a simple task complicated. The fact that there are different people in the home and the lack of communication skills with your puppy creates a sometimes frustrating scenario.

Another factor of potty training puppies will be how it was raised prior to coming to the new home. If the puppy is from a breeder that took the time to socialize the puppy and possible take it outside then half the battle has been fought before bringing your puppy home.

The true case of most puppies is they lack the socializing and most have not been outside a cage or small room. The new atmosphere to the puppy can be very overwhelming which increases the time the puppy will take to learn to go outside for the restroom duties.

The fact the puppy eats frequently will create their natural urge to dump the contents in their body's system. Your puppy eats and generally with 15-20 minutes will need to relieve itself.

This is the opportune time to take the youngster outside to associate it with the bodily functions being done outside. The pup will eventually associate eating with immediately going outside.

Some people believe in using newspapers to house-train the puppy. This creates a new problem with the puppy then needing to break of the habit or in the future even the older dog will always use the newspaper.

Do not start a habit you will have to break the puppy later. This is true with puppy pee pads. The concept is well and good but they also teach the puppy it is all right to mess in the house. That defeats the entire house-training principles.

Watch the puppy for the first several weeks when bringing it home. It will squat when it is relieving itself.

This is a sure cue to take it outside. In the beginning take the puppy outside every half hour until you learn the schedule and habits of the puppy. Your puppy will also associate going outside to urinate. Potty training puppies does not have to be difficult.