One new technique of potting training dogs is the use of training bells. The old method of housebreaking entailed the dog coming to you and trying to communicate what he wanted. While it is nice that the dog wants to go out it is not always easy to figure out what he wants. I've also had dogs that would go to the door and scratch. This method is really hard on the door. A few scratches every day for 10 years or so can quickly ruin a perfectly good door.

The first thing you need to do to potty train your dog using bells is to get some bells. Any easy to ring string of bells will work. You can string them yourself or find them already fixed together. A great time to pick up cheap bells is right after Christmas. Christmas time is one of the most tinkly of all the holidays and there will be lots of bells on clearance right after the holiday.

Now that you've got some bells you need to hang them. You can hang them with pretty much any type of hanger that you want to use. Nails, screws, hooks, and even something like sticky Velcro will work. Hang the bells on the wall nearest to the door knob. Make sure that your dog can reach the bells.

Introducing your dog or puppy to the training bells is an important step. The dog needs to understand that the bells are a communications device and not a chew toy. Choose a time when the dog is calm and not feeling too playful and take him to the bells and try to get him to touch them. He should be curious enough to sniff but if he isn't just put some interesting scent on them. Good scents to use on the bells include peanut butter, cheese, or any kind of meat smear. When he touches the bells with his nose to sniff them, immediately praise the dog and open the door to let him out. He probably won't get the connection right away but it shouldn't take more than a few days for him to figure out that ringing the bell equals praise and a trip outside. It is important that you always respond to the bells. If you don't he'll just give up on them and go back to staring at you.

Dogs are very easy to train as long as you are consistent. This time of training is not only for your dog but for you as well. You must train yourself to respond to the bells as soon as your dog rings them. If you can't do that then this training method will be harder to teach. Positive reinforcement is the most critical element to this training. Dogs like both affection and going outside, and a combination of the two is the most efficient potty training method.

Puppies and dogs are great companions, but messes in the house are no fun and unsanitary. Proper housebreaking whether you use bells or more conventional training methods are important to keeping your house clean and smelling fresh. Once the puppy learns where they should go to the bathroom it is important to take them out quickly. Puppies don't have a lot of control over their bodily functions so you need to be responsive to their needs.