The 3 horsepower motor has an efficient cooling system based on a powerful fan. The motor is belt driven and it is quite silent for its power, so it's suitable even in cases when you can't make a very big noise, either because of your neighbors, or because you simply can't stand the noise.

The caster system is integrated and fully retractable, so the table saw can be moved with ease and fixed very well in position when needed.

The total weight of the tool is more than 700 lbs, this probably being a factor that contributes to its stability and lack of vibrations. We just found it better than our old Jet Cabinet saw, at least this is what my brother says - he's the woodworker. He also says that the blade angles are perfect and he's probably right, but I can't really certify that, as I'm no woodworker myself. His wife and I are only helping him with the marketing and accounting stuff.


Like most tools, cabinet saws make no exception, and the Power Matic PM 2000 table saw has its drawbacks as well. A major one is the access to aligning the riving knife. I'm also bothered by the included power cord, which is only 6 foot long. However, this is not such a major inconvenient, as it can be easily extended to the required length. Besides, our furniture shop is very well organized, we have special cabling and wiring already installed inside the walls, so we really didn't have too much of an issue with the cord length.

Blades are not included with the table saw, but that's not really a problem, because you may want to buy your favorite brand anyway, so why pay for something you wouldn't be so happy with?

Full Review

The PowerMatic PM2000 table saw is a wise purchase, at least this is what many buyers are saying. If we take a look at its technical details, we tend to believe they are right. This 3 horsepower, 230 Volts table saw features left tilt operation, retractable built-in casters for more mobility, and a shrouded blade with efficient collection of the dust resulted when the saw is operating.

PowerMatic PM 2000 table saw comes in three slightly different versions, in order to accommodate your needs better, the main difference being the height of the Accu-Fence system and a few constructive details such as the cast iron extension wings or the table board and the legs:

This is the first of the table saws series, featuring a 30 inch Accu-Fence. This Accu-Fence can be moved very smoothly, and when positioned, it firmly locks in place. Featuring a rack and pinion adjusting mechanism with possibility of micro-adjustment, this cabinet saw is very precise, offering your cuts a good accuracy.

In Closing

In terms of dust and debris collection, the Powermatic 1792002K PM2000 10-Inch Left Tilt 3 Horsepower Cabinet Saw 30-Inch Accu-Fence, 230-Volt 1 Phase is quite efficient, although it's not perfect: the table requires some cleaning after each use. However, our final word on this table saw is yes.