PM 2000 Table Saw


Extra large cast iron table

Push-button arbor lock for easier blade changes

Built-in dust collection systems which totally encases the base and motor assembly.

Your choice of 3 or 5hp in either single or three phase.

Very nice magnetic switch for knee operation emergency off and push button on.

Heavy duty retractable casters give this heavy guy a lot of portability.

Rugged and very accurate Accu-Fence. Sets up easily for superb straight line cuts.

Heavy duty miter gage with 13" extension for easy cross-cuts. Micro-fine adjustment.



Full Review

The PowerMatic PM2000 is a very heavy-duty 10 inch table saw for the money. When it is shipped to your door you better be ready with serveral strong backs or a hi-lo. The crating alone was extremely heavy. But, it is all work the extra grunt work once you can set this impressive piece of machinery on your shop floor. Once out of the box and sitting upright on its own retractable caster system, you can push it around with just one hand.

Setup for this cabinet saw went quite easily too. All the parts were present and accountable and all of them went together flawlessly. Setup was a breeze too, taking less than a day, due in large part that the unit is mostly factory assembled.

The cast iron table is over-sized allowing for large sized pieces of wood to be handled with ease. The quality of all machining is impressive indeed and the choice of materials from the cast iron base to the melamine side table is very well thought-out.

Both hand wheels are forged and polished and very heavy duty. Far superior to many other saws of this class. Looking at the gear mechanisims is impressive by themselves as the gearing for saw adjustments all goes silky smooth.

The arbor is set in a huge piece of cast iron as well and runs with a set of finely tuned ball bearings. I love the poly-V belt that drive a pair of aluminum pulleys which gives the saw a vibration-free very quiet operation. The quality of this assembly will give you many trouble-free years of operation.

In Closing

Even with a street price of about $2,299.99 this 10 inch table saw is a definite "must-have" in any shop and can be a solid centerpiece around which you can build you entire woodworking shop. The cabinet saw can be bought for slightly less but don't expect to do a lot better than the list price. My husband has had the 5hp single phase model for about 18 months now and there are a lot of other things he would give up before his PowerMatic PM2000!