Many of us have started our journey trying to learn how to play guitar, But have given up because things seem too complicated. There is good news though! It is very easy to play a variety of songs using simple chords known as power chords.

What are Power Chords?

A power chord consists of two notes and is usually played in rock music, It is made up of a root note and the fifth interval. There is a lot of confusion whether these can be considered actual chords, Because most chords need at least three notes of the scale. Regardless, It's an easy way to get started playing guitar! Take a look at the example chart below.

Example Chart

This diagram shows a "G", It illustrates the finger positions on the neck of the guitar. The number one indicates that the first finger should be used. The number three means you should use your third finger. The three on the left is telling you what fret it is played on.

So what kind of songs can you play?

Basically any song! The challenge is knowing where to place your fingers. As an example, Lets say you have a song you want to play that uses a "G" to"A" to "F" to "B" progression. We can simplify the song using power chords. Using the chart above as a guide, Observe the fingering and try it out on different frets. 

Using this simple finger pattern, The first fret will be an "F". Going down one will give you "F#". Continuing down the neck, The next chord is a "G". Most guitar necks have frets marked off with dots, The first dot on the neck is your "G" fret. 

Continuing down you'll have a "G#" and then an "A". If you wanted to play a song that needed those particular chords you could simply substitute power chords to make things a lot easier.

 This is a quick solution for beginning guitarists who just want to jump in and start playing songs.

Below is a collection of diagrams to study and try out. Remember, Keep practicing and learning and pretty soon you'll be able to play anything!

Power Chords