Makita Drill(45625)Credit: MakitaA primary concern when you are buying and using power hand tools will be safety. You can buy at discount prices, Makita spares parts online, and it might appear to be a great way to save some money. Consider some of the facts concerning buying spares of dubious origin before you go lashing out your cash to repair your tools.

Makita only covers the products that are sold though the authorised dealers with a full Makita warranty. The best way to find out if the online sources for the Makita spares parts is OK, is to check on the regional Makita company web site. Could be that there will be a customer service telephone number for you to call or just a list of the authorised dealers of Makita parts. You may need to avoid the parts that are sourced outside if the region that could be fabricated to a different standard.

There are a number of reasons for the manufacturers to make these rules. They prefer that you buy from them rather than some other business. They want to sell you the power tool in the first place and keep you as a customer for the after sales service. Secondly - With so many people resorting to litigation the company will want to avoid legal action being taken against them. Power tools can be dangerous and lead to a person getting injured or dying even. The company will not be liable in court for something that happened due to Makita spare parts that are from a third party. By stating at the outset that the only parts to be used will have to be authorised, they will minimise their legal responsibility.

Makita Tools Have Name Plates On Them

Avoid buying your tools and parts from a source that doesn't have the correct name plate identifications. You can forget about having a successful insurance claim if an accident is caused. Using third party Makita spares parts bought online will give the insurance companies and the tool makers opportunity to wriggle out of their responsibilities if they can.

So with Makita drill spares or Makita chainsaw spares, purchases it is a good idea to take care when buying. Same with whatever Makita spares parts and any other tools you own and use. Look out for the approval number for Electrical articles or registered tick marks signifying authorisation. You will have made a good safe purchase when you have these signs present on your Makita power hand tool spare parts.