Use Power Proofreading To Assure Your Articles Success

Power ProofingCredit: AmazonProof reading or as we label it in this discussion, power proofreading, is an essential skill for the professional article author. Certainly anyone can place words together, but only those who have taken the time to develop their writing skills will be successful in compiling groups of words into a document worthy of their readers' time.

The author must consider not only the subject of the article but also the education or experience of the reader. For those who are writing for professionals such as doctors, lawyers, educators and other professional groups, the material and content must be of a very high quality to hold their attention.

However for the article author who is writing articles to promote affiliate products, information products or simply to review or discuss everyday issues, writing at an eighth grade level comparable to newspapers is normally sufficient. However having said this, it must not be used as an excuse for sloppy or careless errors in your article. Editing and proofreading to assure a correct, mistake free article is essential.

Do Not Write Above Your Readers Level

A sure way to chase your readers off is to write in a manner that requires them to keep a dictionary handy in order to understand what you are writing. Always try to write at your prospective readers level. You will not impress the average person by showing off your extensive vocabulary.

The information in the document must be interesting and informative and must not contain errors in grammar, capitalization, punctuation and most importantly spelling. The article author must also be aware of considerations for search engine optimization and keyword research if the article is to have any chance of being discovered and read by a willing audience. Strive to add new writing tips to your tool kit which will increase the chances of producing an above average article.

As article authors we realize that to be profitable we must produce a sufficient number of articles that will attract readers who will hopefully find enough interest to stay on our article long enough to click an ad Article Marketing AuthorCredit: Amazon or a link to an affiliate product which will in turn produce income. In many cases this produces pressure on the author to quickly produce articles and get them published without proper proofreading.

Developing the skills to do power proofreading is not difficult. It is simply a matter of following a few simple rules which will in time develop your ability to spot errors quickly and correct them. Although most professional proofreaders maintain that checking ones own writing is not a good practice, because the author will in many cases miss very obvious errors, the average article author will have to become his or her own proofreader.

Follow These Proofreading Tips To Perfect Your Power Proofreading Skills.

  • First remove all distractions while checking your work. Phone calls, incoming emails, a blaring TV or radio and other distractions will certainly not help your concentration.


  • Resist the temptation to quickly publish your article as soon as it is finished. I always find it more convenient to use a text editor such as Open Office, Notepad or others to write my articles and then transfer them to sites such as Infobarrel or Ezinearticles. For the best chance of submitting  your best work,  finish the article and leave it for a time, even overnight, and then do the proofreading before publishing.


  • Make sure you are not tired or rushing to meet a deadline if you want to make sure your article is the best it can be.


  • For online proofreading and editing double space your article  to make it easier to spot errors on the copy and make sure you do not miss a sentence or line of text. After checking you can return the article to it's proper spacing.


  • Enlarge the text while online proofreading. This is one of the best methods for quickly finding a mistake or errore in punctuation.


  • Read the article out loud. This is a great method of making sure your article flows in a natural and understandable way and you will find errors you missed while reading. Be especially aware of comma placement as this is one of the most common mistakes.


  • An old time proofreading tactic is to read each word of the article backwards from right to left or from the end to the beginning. While some professional proofreaders maintain this is tedious and not necessary, for the article author who must do his or her own checking, it could be just the tactic to insure the article is perfect.

There you have it. Everything necessary to add power proofreading to your arsenal of writing tools. You spent time learning the techniques necessary to be a proficient article author now take the next step and become a proficient proofreader. Your readers and your bank account will certainly reward you for your efforts. Over time you may even consider offering online proofreading services as an additional income source.

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