When it comes to getting children to spend time outside, you might feel like you are hitting your head against the wall. With all the great technology when it comes to video games, computers, and TVs, you might feel like you are working against the current. It is time to tip the scale in your favor. Power Wheels toys are a great tool to use to help to convince your children to spend time outside.


There are many great models to choose from that you can get for children starting as young as two years old. This motorized ride ons are a way for them to feel all grown up traveling around the yard. Many of the models that are available look just like cars that you might even have in the drive way. With so many options of Power Wheels, you might start wondering how you are going to choose the right one.


ATV Quads


Riding around on a Power Wheels ATV can get your younger children ready for the bigger version. Many families like to go out on quads to enjoy the great outdoors. These are just like the ones that you see going through the woods in your area. The big difference is going to be the speed at which they go and their size.


Red Arctic Cat Ride One


This is one tough looking off road vehicle. The monster wheels are there to make sure that your children can get over any dirt or debris that gets in their way. This little toy even includes a lifting and lowering tailgate to carry anything that your child's imagination can come up with. This rough and tumbled ride includes seat belts to keep your little ones safe as they bump over the terrain.


Ford Mustang


Perhaps your children are not the rough adventure types. They might enjoy being able to cruise around in their own Mustang convertible. There is a red model that will suit every child. You can also find a specialty pink Barbie one for the ladies in your life. There is a cup holder and everything in this mini version of the adult toy.


Power Wheels have always been a popular gift item for the holidays and birthdays for many parents. It is a toy that you know that your children are going to spend hours on. You just want to make sure that you charge it every night so that it is ready to go for the next day's worth of adventures.