Power Yoga

To many men and women yoga is a mind exercise. However, it's a good body exercise as well. Power yoga is a form of cardio-conditioning, a fast paced full body exercise that will have yogis gaining strength and losing pounds at the same time.

It's the Western world's take on the self-guided path towards growth or awakening that originated many centuries ago. It has become a staple in fitness centers around the world, making the exercise of yoga mainstream.

Power yoga has a focus on building flexibility and strength through common postures. Generally, it's a faster paced when compared to other practices, however, is adapted for absolute beginners easily.

Here are some interesting facts about power yoga:

  • It uses common postures from yoga Ashtange and Bikram (both of these practices offer a vigorous exercise with a progression of motivating postures for all levels)
  • Vinyasa (breath-synchronized movement) is used in power yoga
  • Supports the correct form of postures
  • Requires the postures to be held for long periods of time as well (this helps enhance endurance and flexibility)
Just like all forms of yoga, this one has a lot of positive sides. Here are main benefits of power yoga:
  • By using the weight of an exercisers body it enhances strength and dynamic flexibility
  • By maintaining postures for longer periods of time and fast flowing movements it enhances endurance as well as balance and mental clarity
  • Through the range of movements that elongate and stretch the muscles it enhances flexibility and persistence
  • Helps with the ability to focus, however, it can be much more motivating when compared to other yoga practices because the focus is on breath-synchronized movement and movement
  • Being a full body exercise it helps tone up all body parts
  • Through controlled movement and meditation mental stress and physical discomfort is relieved.
  • Enhances core muscle strength that helps to improve pose
  • It helps strengthen joints as well as muscles.
The sports experts are recognizing the benefits athletes can experience from power yoga. It makes them less prone to injury. A lot of basketball players, bicyclists, triathletes, and golf players practice it.

This form of yoga, just like a lot of other types, can be practiced at almost any age since alterations are offered with every posture. This makes it a highly beneficial for of exercise regardless of how long one has practiced. After leaving power yoga class an exerciser will feel more in balance with mind/body/spirit because classes have a focus on integrating all elements of the yoga.