There have always been speculations about the power of thought. Some argue that there is nothing like power of thought. It doesn't shape one's destiny. However, some of my recent experiences have considerably changed my thinking pattern and the positive effect on at least my destiny. And I hope that it will definitely have a positive and lasting impact on the lives of common man. Thinking has a lot to do about shaping our future endeavours. When I start thinking great about myself, the whole environment becomes supportive and I start getting desired results. When even a single negative thought or fear comes to my mind, it definitely results in the worst scenario. I have experienced it a number of times now. So I started thinking about what contributes to having positive thoughts. Some of the things which I started using in my life and having great results are enumerated below:

1. Everyday in the morning I started saying to myself the things which I feel great about like

- I am the best individual

- I have all the strength to withstand any pressures in life

- I have all the strength to support my family

- I have all the willpower to succeed in my professional endeavours

Initially I thought what the fun in saying these things is. But then even at the cost of becoming it as a laughing stock or at the cost of repetition, I kept on repeating it. And suddenly I started getting the positive vibes revolving around these sayings. And it is having a great positive impact on my life. You can decide on these saying depending on your requirement. But then you have to critically evaluate the positiveness in the statements. Even a tinge of negative thoughts should not cripple in the statements. These may have adverse impact on the statements and you may not achieve the desired results. Hence you have to introspect and think a lot before deciding on the statements. I have some faith in the god. So I make a point that I repeat these sentences in the presence of god, which gives me additional strength. If you have faith, you can club it with your prayers. Have faith in whatever you are doing.

2. I make it a point that everyday I read something about positive thinking. This gives me enough strength and support for some positive thinking. Initially, I thought that reading something about positive thinking becomes boring after some time. But then I religiously started doing it. This not only improved my reading habit and concentration but has also infused new way of thinking. Preferably I set a time in the morning to read this. This makes my day even more eventful and joyous. And every problem in the day seems to disappear. You can also identify suitable time in a day to read regularly about positive thinking apart from study or office work. You may seem it illogical for some days. But press on and you will have a great thinking mind a month's time.

3. Another thing which contributes tremendously in positive thinking is physical exercise. Now one may think what the relation between physical exercise and positive thoughts is. But it has definitely some link. I had some health problems. Invariably my thoughts were outcome of bad health and so on. This was further worsening the health problems. Then I realised the effect of exercise on mind. I started with least exercise for about half an hour. I initially just started walking. Slowly I increased my workouts. Suddenly I started feeling great and that transferred into my thinking. I started to think great about my health and then I started to think great ideas in life. And as was expected, the surrounding environment started supporting me. And now I am having a great physique and a great positive thinking mind. You can plan any exercise which suits you. Even normal walking at brisk pace for half an hour will do wonders. If you can afford proper training for yoga asana or gym workouts, that will be great. If you start with some training, your motivation will pull you through. Doing alone may de-motivate you after some time and you may start relaxing. This is neither good for your health nor for your mind. So start with some training or with some company.

4. Another important contributing factor in positive thinking is the food that we eat. There has been a lot of research in what to eat and what not. But surely the food we eat has a positive or negative impact on our thoughts. When I was a college student, I had inappropriate eating habits which resulted in some ailments. When I introspected on those day's eating habits and its impact on my thinking, I was surprised myself. Now I am regretting about that period. I realised a bit late. However, again having an optimistic and positive attitude, I started regulating my diet. I started planning and having a vegetarian diet. Slowly I got the results. I started feeling great. All my ailments started disappearing and suddenly I found a great sense rushing throughout my body. The feeling was great. I started enjoying it and it further motivated me in continuing it. Then I found another aspect in dieting. If we skip our meals once a week and only have fruits and water, it greatly enhances the responses of body. It improves the metabolism and creates a perfect environment for positive thoughts.

5. Finally another important factor which has a lasting impact on my positive thinking was the society where I live. Initially I was thinking I must do my work religiously and not care about the society. But then the efforts required in achieving desired results were too many and also frustrating. I was keeping everything to myself. But then I realised, when I am doing logical things, I must make it public. Initially I started telling my family and close friends. Suddenly a lot of positive energy started flowing towards me. This further motivated me in doing more work. We may not realise that in achieving our goals, someone somewhere may contribute. That creates a positive environment. And the society definitely logs in our successes. You can also start making your logical and positive goals public. You may never know that at certain point of time, someone will greatly help you in achieving your set targets. Never underestimate anybody.

This concept was a revelation in my life and profoundly changed my life for the best. I hope these activities bring in prosperity and good thinking in your life.