What drove your choice of this career?

Can you imagine yourself without a mobile phone?  The life line is supported by a tower.  It is the basic station.  It is in your city and ensures always connectivity. The demand for those who specialize telecom design and implementation is bound to rise. Some companies hold nationwide license and some across various state units.  From where will they get people to operate?  How will they scale at the pace they want?

This creates a huge need for professionals with relevant telecomm backgrounds to support service and meet the demands of the sector.  

To be part of this industry and survive one has to have an inherent desire to learn and learn endlessly. Whatever technology you may work on today will be old tomorrow. Hard work is another pre-requisite. You have to have customer oriented thinking. You have to keep your mind adaptable to the ever changing pace of the industry. This takes a lot of effort to master a field completely. The student should be strong in physics and mathematics. One must understand how communication works over cell phone, internet and television. They should have desire to improvise. They should have able to analyze a problem and develop solutions quickly. It is not critical for the candidate to have in depth knowledge; they may have other abilities like the ability to motivate people. The nature of job is just that exciting and on the top of this pay is usually higher than other sectors.

Software in this industry usually enables signal testing and network monitoring. Value-added services, is a fiercely growing domain, emerging as a separate industry. The majority of opportunities in value-added service are towards programming for the mobile platform.

You really have to redefine the technology of how the world communicates. It could be two networks or two contingents talking to each other. Designs telecom systems equipment, infrastructure and networks are a good career option.  It requires the operational support and maintenance to function at optimal capacity.  Increase in competition means telecom service providers must provide quality service keeping operational costs under control.  Fresher are usually absorbed into this industry in networking jobs.  Of all the network functions, security is an area worthy of mention in terms of opportunities.

Future prospects:
 The career tracks are conventional and have steady growth path.  If you are interested on working in the next big thing then this could be your path. People with a broad-level experience and understanding of the industry can also move in to the software field. If you come from a sales back ground you cannot move into the software or hardware backgrounds. As you drive through the city you see huge towers everywhere. Each of these is beaming signals across its circle to ensure you can stay connected.  There is a huge infrastructure that goes behind a telecom company.  It is a mammoth industry and opens a wide range of career opportunities in both hardware and software fronts.