Today's challenging job market requires you to be a little savvier when it comes to resume building. Most people realize that a resume is the first thing that a potential employer looks at to get an idea if you're right for the position. So why would you use a resume that's not dynamic and doesn't stand out? With hundreds of candidates looking for the same position you are it might be time to update your resume.

  • First things first…don't start building your resume until you have fully researched the company and the position you're applying for. When you create your cover letter and resume you want to be sure that you're speaking the same language as your potential employer. Read their mission statement and tailor your cover letter around it. What you want to achieve with the company should be very similar to what they want to achieve with their company.
  • When writing your cover letter make sure it is short, to the point and attention grabbing. State clearly and concisely how you heard about the position (better if you know someone working for the organization already), why you're applying for it and how you can help them achieve their goals with your skill set. Employers will only read the first couple of sentences you write so make sure you use dynamic wording.
  • Make sure your resume isn't longer than one or two pages. The last thing an employer wants to do is review three hundred resumes lengthy resumes. Most employers only want to hear about the last 3 jobs you've held and what your accomplishments were when you held them. Lengthy legal document review job descriptions without highlighting achievements are a wasted opportunity to tell your potential employer what you're good at.
  • Make sure you highlight any awards, internships, volunteer work and education on your resume. Being involved in many things while working a full time job not only tells your employer that you can multi-task but that you're a well rounded person. Employers want to see applicants that are good at many things and are versatile assets to their company.