In the northern as well as the eastern parts making up the Empire there lays the realm of Kislev, wintry in nature. The nation making up Kislev is populated in a sparse manner and dotted squarely with villages and small settlements which are surrounded by uninhabited land of so many miles.

Kislev has only three cities that can be termed as large; the Kislev capital, the city of Erengrad and Praag, a northern city closer to the realm and domain of Chaos more than all cities of the Old World.

Kislev inhabitants are a tough people, they are used to dealing with scare resources ad fighting fearsome beasts.

This then leads to the importance of Praag. Praagës history is much dotted with such conflict of great magnitude as well as strife due to its close proximity to the domain of Chaos.

Along the years, hordes of fierce Northmen have been able to pour southwards and across the river Lynsk so that they could be able to descend into Praag to plunder it and scorch it to the final thing.

Such sieges have been known to be quite deadly more so when led in their desire to ruin by a champion of what is called "Ruinous Powers".

One such famous siege tainted Praag with fierce energies from the depths of Chaos leading to a mutation of buildings and walls, which then went ahead to sprout limbs and eyes as mouths screamed and wailed.

Thus after the Kislevites had realized the lose of Praag was imminent, they went ahead to burn it utterly to the rugged ground where they then built another city in the same area it were. And so earned Praag the title of dark and inhuman nature; the "cursed" city.

The infamous battle of Praag somehow continues to each and every corner of Praag. In the southern part of the city, there are soldiers who belong to a class called "the Order", who clash with a group of fierce and frenzied Northmen on top of the headstones of the wide and sprawling Russenscheller Cemetery.

In the northern part, there are war hosts who had established, quite ingeniously, a battery that comprised of Hellcannons which are able to hammer defensive positions of the Empire every day and night.

It is at the heart of Praag city in a place called Gospodar where all the main thoroughfares in the whole of the city converge.