I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant and coming up on my baby shower. But the week before my baby shower, I have a friend’s baby shower to attend. I have been having difficulties thinking of gifts to purchase for her shower which is odd considering I have my own baby on the way and should know what I would consider to be the perfect gift.

It seems like every baby shower I’ve been to, the guests basically just buy adorable clothes for the baby in either pink or blue depending on the baby’s sex. I know that I don’t want to only get blue clothing at my shower and she’s mentioned that she doesn’t want a bunch of pink things at hers. I want to get practical things and I think that’s what most mothers would prefer.

If you’re having issues with purchasing a gift for an upcoming baby shower you plan to attend, hopefully my list of things I think will come in handy will help you.

First of all, diapers are the number one gift. Even if everyone at the shower brought ten packs of diapers, it probably still wouldn’t be enough to make it through to potty training. Try to keep in mind that a lot of people only get newborn sized things and babies typically don’t stay that small for long. Expectant mothers will appreciate a broad range of sizes.

Along with diapers, wipes are very helpful. Besides just changing diapers, these will be used to clean messy faces and sticky hands. They also work well for getting milk out of those little neck rolls. Some ladies may be interested in a wipe warmer but I never found them to be too helpful while using them. Sure, the wipe comes out warm but by the time it has made its way to the baby’s bottom it has already cooled down.

Bottles are always handy even if the mother plans to breast feed. She won’t always be available to feed her baby directly from the breast and will more than likely end up doing some pumping and the baby will be drinking from bottles. It’s difficult to know what type to buy because no one knows what kind the baby will take to. If she plans to breast feed, there are bottles made more specifically to be easier for the baby to transition between bottle and breast. If she doesn’t plan to breast feed, it probably doesn’t matter as much what kind.  Another idea would be a bottle warmer, it saves the mom the time it takes her to figure out the proper stove or microwave technique.

Receiving blankets and burp clothes are a wonderful gift. Babies are messy. They will throw up and poop on everything so having a stock pile of both of these items is a great idea so the mom isn’t trying to wash them 8 times a day in between changing diapers and feeding and bathing all while being exhausted from not sleeping in a month.

Many moms are probably so occupied with making sure they have adequate amounts of clothing and things for their baby, they overlook the small things. A baby nail clipper is a necessity to keep them from scratching their faces. Other toiletries are also nice. A basket full of baby wash, lotion, oil, powder, etc. would make a great baby shower gift.

Extra crib sheets are a nice thing to have on hand. A baby’s diaper may leak out onto the sheets while (s)he is sleeping and make a mess out of the sheets. And anything that saves mom some immediate cleaning and laundry is perfect!

You can’t plan when your baby is going to teethe, so a teething ring and some Baby Orajel or other teething medications are a thoughtful gift. The mom may not realize it right away but they day her baby starts teething and she has everything she needs on hand, she will mostly definitely be thankful.

A decently cheap and thoughtful gift would be to get a onesie and some iron on transfers and make a personalized outfit for the baby. These things can be purchased at most craft stores. Always remember that it’s a good idea to get things in a bit bigger of sizes so the baby has something to grow into. That saves the mother a trip to the store as soon as her baby’s newborn clothes no longer fit. Also try to keep in mind what the weather/temperatures will be at the point that the baby should be the size to be wearing whatever clothes you’re buying. You don’t want to be buying clothes the baby would wear in the winter in a size it would wear in the summer.

If you’ve recently had a baby and found something to work spectacularly well to pacify your baby, you’d be doing your friend a favor by getting them the same thing. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for her, but it’s the thought that counts.

Remember to make sure that you get gift receipts for everything you buy. She may end up with too many of one size of something and too little of another size of something. Or one type/brand may not work well for her. The gift was purchased to help her so we don’t want her to have to keep something that doesn’t work instead of trading it in for something that does work or something she needs more.

I hope this helps you with your baby shower shopping! I’m hoping that now I can manage to assemble my own perfect gift for my friend.