When a homeowner has a small bathroom or just wants to free up more space, then he needs practical bathroom accessories ideas. A practical bathroom accessory is something that can make a good situation better or give a solution to a problem. It only takes one or two well-designed accessories to help turn an inconvenient element of your bathroom into something a little more practical and helpful.

Towel Racks

One of the problems with towel racks is that there never seems to be enough towel hanging space. Growing families or people that entertain a lot of guests will find that they are constantly running out of places to hang towels. The issue is that towel racks are always seen as a horizontal accessory when the solution to the space problem is clearly a vertical one.

Instead of finding more space to put a single towel rack to accommodate the growing number of towels, a homeowner needs to think of multi-level towel racks. These can be bars that hang on the wall or the back of the bathroom door, or they can be stand-alone units with room for several towels. There is no reason to run out of towel rack room when there is always the option of expanding vertically.


Every morning there are homeowners and their families that cannot find room for all of the soap, toothpaste and shaving cream that has become part of everyone's morning routine. The sink top becomes crowded with cans and tubes that get confusing and leave no room for anything else. This is when the creative homeowner uses the versatile bathroom accessories ideas known as bathroom shelves.

Bathroom shelves are small units that can be easily installed over the sink or off to the side of the sink to help accommodate the growing amount of toiletries that are taking over the bathroom. The average bathroom may be running out of sink top space, but there is plenty of wall space to install small bathroom shelves.

Shelves make great storage options in any bathroom situation. There is always much more wall space than floor space in the average bathroom and that is why shelves are so convenient. Everyone in the house can get their own shelf and that will solve the problem of the cluttered bathroom.


Some problems have obvious solutions that people often never think of. If there is a crowd to use the bathroom mirror in the morning, then install a second mirror or have portable mirrors available for people to use. Once again, it can sound like a simple solution to a common problem, but it is not something that people often think of.

Sometimes the best bathroom accessories ideas are the simple ones that solve everyday problems. Homeowners who have a long list of issues with scheduling bathroom time with family members may want to look into basic bathroom accessories that can solve a long list of problems.