Perfect And Useful Gifts For Seniors

If the senior in your life is living in a senior citizens complex, how about getting them jigsaw puzzles, especially the large piece ones. Most apartments I have seen for seniors have a games room set up with tables that they can set up their puzzles and if they don't finish them, they can just leave it there. Most of them share these puzzles, so someone else can come and help them put their puzzles together. You can also choose the regular sized jigsaw puzzles instead.If you don't have a senior in your life, how about just buying a few and donate them at the apartment dwelling. There are many to choose from at Amazon. The one below is a 12-pack. 

Large Piece Jigsaw PuzzleCredit: Amazon

Another great gift would a very unique deck of playing cards and a card holder if they have trouble holding a handful of cards. You can even get personalized card decks. They also come in a set of 2 or 3 decks so they can play multiple deck card games such as canasta and all its variations. Below is a photo which I took of a few of the beautiful playing cards that I have purchased. They are all beautiful. I was browsing through Amazon and found other nice themed playing cards, such as: Astronomy, Periodic Table, Rocks and Minerals, and many more.


Playing CardsCredit: Photo taken by Edith Rose

Magazine subscriptions are another option for a very practical gift, especially if they are living on a fixed income and cannot afford them anymore.

Gift certificates are also very useful. They are available for just about anything you can think of, such as: beauty salons, prepaid phone cards, restaurants, department stores, and cable services. If they still live in their own home, how about a prepaid furnace cleaning service, or a yard service. If they enjoy gardening, a gift certificate to a green house would also be appreciated. 

Most remotes that come with your cable service are not very user friendly. A universal remote that has large easy to find large buttons is also a very well appreciated gift. 

I have given you just a few ideas, but I am sure if you put your thinking cap on you can come up with many more practical and useful gifts for your loved one. As I was finishing up this article I came up with another idea. If your grandmother loved to can but cannot anymore, how about making one of their favorite things they like to preserve.

Large Piece Puzzle

Buffalo Games Large Piece Darrell Bush, Crescent Moon Bay - 300pc Jigsaw Puzzle
Amazon Price: $13.29 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 25, 2016)
I love this scenic view in this large piece puzzle. I saw this one at a senior citizen's complex and it's nice.