Hit with a makeup avalanche every time you open your cabinet or makeup bag? Sick of never being able to find what you want? Or maybe you have ruined a perfectly good lip gloss because the packaging got squished. Here are ten great  makeup storage ideas to get you organized and beautiful.

French Design Makeup Box

French Makeup boxCredit: http://www.theholdingcompany.co.uk/mon-maquillage-makeup-box-prodpf_box548/If you prefer to keep your makeup hidden away, but still want some unique storage for it then this French designed maquillage makeup box is just the job.

This tin has style to spare, and rather cleverly has a labeling system on the edge of each box, so if you are a makeup hoarder, this is a great solution to keep your creams separate from your eye shadows, and you can tell at a glance what is in each.

Professional Makeup Case

This is another option that I'm pretty well in love with, as it looks good, can be used for travel, and has lots of brilliant hidden sections. This one even has a separate brush section; which is an area that often gets overlooked.Professional Makeup Train CaseCredit: http://www.lecosmetique.com/Pink_Croc_Pro_Makeup_Case_with_Brush_Holder_p/m4003crpk.htm

This professional makeup case is also known as a train case -- so traveling with this beauty is a breeze. It is also is built to last and has a good amount of room for most of us to store our makeup. If you need anything larger than this then there are larger wheelie options, but frankly unless you are a professional makeup artist this could well mean you are a makeup addict - ahh who cares!

I should also point out that this particular style comes in different colors too, so if you aren't a fan of pink croc, do not despair.

Clear Corner Organizer

Corner OrganizerCredit: http://www.aplaceforeverything.co.uk/home-storage/bathroom-organiser-corner?ret=425This neat little clear corner organizing solution is a great one to have in a bathroom, where space is often at a premium. You can keep it on the corner of a dressing table, or really wherever you need it as the clear design means it will really fit in with any decor.

It's nice and open with various different sized compartments. The side segments I particularly like for lipsticks and nail polish. A good one to have out on show with all your essentials.

I'm So Glam Makeup Tin

Makeup TinCredit: http://www.theholdingcompany.co.uk/im-so-glam-makeup-box-prodpf_box807/This isn't a great solution for keeping everything particularly organized as you are just likely to throw it all back in the tin when you are done, but if you are anything like me in a morning, that tends to be what happens anyway. If you are going to throw your makeup into anything, then it might as well be a stylish tin that will keep your makeup goodies all safe and protected.

Looks great on a dressing table, and has plenty of room for all your bits and pieces.

Seya Roll Top Makeup Bag

Roll Top Makeup BagCredit: http://www.amazon.com/Seya-Black-Roll-Makeup-Case/dp/B003JLZ37M/ref=pd_sbs_bt_3My heart genuinely fluttered when I first saw this roll top makeup bag. Not only does it open up reveal loads of different sections, all beautifully protecting your makeup, but it looks simple gorgeous when closed too. This baby has real style as well as function.

The little trays inside match the coloring of the fabric of the bag, but are actually hard - to make sure your makeup doesn't get squashed - and they sort of work concertina style, so more levels keep revealing themselves as you pull.

This might be a neat little bag on the outside, but this case has many layers.

Cosmetic Spinning Organizer

Spinning Cosmetic OrganizerCredit: http://www.amazon.com/Organizer-Separate-Countertop-Everything-Fingertips-Proudly/dp/B007XJ14ME/ref=sr_1_42?s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1337116058&sr=1-42If your dressing table or bathroom is limited for space, then try this neat little spinning organizer for size.

It might not look that tidy, but it's great for those of us that need to find makeup in a hurry, and just need something easy and accessible of a morning. And your table will look so much less cluttered.

The great thing about this organizer is that you can find what you want in an instant.

Unique Storage - Repurpose and Recycle

Although there are many great storage solutions for makeup out there, what could be better than having one that was just made for you? We all have our different wants and quirks when it comes to our makeup, so why not repurpose old boxes and make then into storage just for you.

There's a video below that has loads of great information on how to do this - you can even create little dividers using cereal boxes.

My favorite idea though, is to repurpose items and use them as makeup storage, such as using a cutlery tray. It has all those great sections of different sizes that can keep your makeup tidy, organized, and easily accessible.

Make Your Own Storage - Recycle!

Cosmetics Organizer with Mirror

Cosmetics Organizer with MirrorCredit: http://www.aplaceforeverything.co.uk/home-storage/make-up-organiser-mirror?ret=425This is for the truly organized woman, who belongs to the school of 'a place for everything, and everything in its place'. This little unit not only allows you to be super organized with your makeup, but includes a nifty half-moon mirror too, so this little package is out to please.

There are many different sections that are different shapes, sizes and depths, so there's room enough for your brushes, creams, foundation, eye shadows, mascara, lipstick and anything else you need a cool little home for.

Kardashian Acrylic Makeup Organizer

This is probably the most ridiculous and over the top makeup organizer you are ever likely to see, and yet I admit to wanting one instantly.Kardashian Makeup StorageCredit: sherrieblossom.com

There are various different options, and the one pictured is called the Kardashian. It's obviously for the diva who takes themselves very seriously in the makeup department, and who has so much makeup that only a large acrylic makeup unit of this kind will do.

It has a large storage area on top that is split into sections, as well as pull out clear drawers underneath, that also have separate sections. You have good makeup, you want to keep it nice; you don't want bronzing powder over your new MAC mascara. I love it!

Hanging Cosmetic Bag

Hanging StorageCredit: http://www.amazon.com/Household-Essentials-Hanging-Cosmetic-Grooming/dp/B0000CNR1L/ref=pd_bxgy_bt_text_cNow just because you think of these as a great travel solution for your makeup, doesn't mean that they can't have a great place in your home too. In fact this baby is pretty versatile, as you can have it hanging off the back of the bathroom door, easily see what's there, keep everything organized, maximize space, and at a moment's notice roll it up and you are ready for vacation!

They also usually come with a variety of different pocket sizes so there are ideal places for foundation and creams, a section along the middle for brushes, and smaller sections for lipsticks and eyeshadows, so it's a great all round solution.

If you have any other nifty makeup storage ideas that you like to use, then please drop us a comment below.