Vaginal Infection can be a cause of major concern for many women.Stress is a precursor to several diseases. Though the scientists and researchers have discovered various linkages between stress and physiological diseases like diabetes, stomach ulcers and migraine, stress can also lead to other nuisance problems like panic attacks and depression related mental illnesses. In fact, stress of the most severe kinds has been known to cause schizophrenia too!!

Everybody feels stress in today’s times and similarly everybody wishes to get rid of it. It’s easier said than done, but there are several ways in which we can try and detect the hidden root causes of stress and escape several attacks.

The keyword here is … avoiding triggers.

Like headaches, stress is also caused and aggravated by some common and some specific triggers in each person. Some of the triggers to stress that are most commonly associated with stress are listed below:

1.       Avoid Negativity:

 Negativity comes in several packages. Negativity essentially means that you are around triggers that bring out the worst in you. It could be a place that gives you negative vibes, or a relative who oozes negativity. Similarly, it could be feelings of hatred or jealousy that may be causing you to feel stressful. Avoid. Giving up hating somebody may sometimes be a hard thing to do. But once you are truly able to stop hating the person (or feeling less jealous … as the case may be), you’ll realize that you have more positive energy – both physically as well as mentally. You don’t need to start loving people you used to hate. Just try your best to detach yourself from the situation.

2.       Don’t Kill Stress By Exercise:  

A healthy regime of exercise can give you a very constructive way of focusing your negative energy while toning your body and calming your mind. If you are a yoga person, it’s all the more better. Yoga, along with few minutes of meditation can work wonders for a stressed body and mind.

3.       Don’t Sedate The Stress:  

Stress can be a serious killer, but trying to kill it with booze, drugs, sleeping pills is like giving it one more reason to stay. By trying to drown out stressful thoughts using these methods, you may get very effective cure but for a very short time and then once the effects have worn off, you’ll find yourself all the more depressed and lost. Additionally, these things can develop into a habit overtime and soon you may find yourself fighting not only stress, but addiction too.

4.       Work Is Not The Answer To Tension:

When people are stressed they react in different ways to work. Some shun work and wallow in their sadness while others immerse themselves nose-deep into work. While work can be a wonderful stress-killer, overdoing will only cause your mind and body harm. Work in moderation and use it as a way of balancing your day – not a way or killing your day.

Stress Busting Tips




Here is a great book that I referenced in order to kill my own little worries. You can even get a kindle edition on Amazon. It's a great source for people who don't want their stressing habit to develop into full blown anxiety.



While in my view, these are some of the most important Dont’s of fighting stress, here is a brief roundup of Do’s which can work wonders as far as combating stress is concerned.

1.        Hobbies to Combat Stress:

If you don’t already have one, develop a good hobby. The more actively involved you can be in that hobby, the better it will be for removing stressful thoughts from your mind. While listening to music is good, it’s still a very passive hobby … and so in reading. So, you’d be better off playing music or writing stuff. Gardening, cooking and social work are some excellent ways of keeping your mind rejuvenated as well as stress-free.

2.       Network:

 There is nothing better than having your family and friends around yourself in trying times. If you don’t wish to share your mindspace, then don’t. But, just having a shoulder to cry on or a look from your loved ones that say “we care”, can do a lot for a broken heart.

3.       Move around:

If you can afford to, go on a holiday with your friends. If not, you can just visit your folks over the weekend. The change of scenery will be a great way of distracting your mind from the problems at hand. Also, you’ll leave behind some of the reminders of your stress, so it may as well be a case of “out of sight and out of mind”.

4.       Indulge Yourself:

Though this may sound counter-intuitive, it’s one of the best ways of fighting stress on s short term basis. Indulging doesn’t mean boozing up or going on a shopping spree. Rather it means, treating yourself to moderate amounts of something you love or savor … like a good movie at the theatre, or a great meal or a favorite getaway. Some of this feel good will certainly elevate the mood and make for a great stress buster.

These were just some of the tips towards removing stress from your life. If you can do this in a manner that suits your body and lifestyle, you may not have to worry about getting clinically depressed from stress.