012 Warm Winter Clothes 

We’re closing in on that time of year when the weather turns from warm summer days to cooler fall nights and before you know it we’re in winter and you are in need of winter gear. From jackets to gloves to mad bomber hats to fleece lined pants, there are a number of great winter fashion items that you can choose from.

To help prepare you for the winter, you should start by examining the winter gear that you have in your closet. Most people will probably find a few jackets, perhaps one or two coats and maybe a pair or two of old wool socks in the dresser. Preparing for winter properly means having more protection than that, you need warm winter clothes that protect your entire body so that you can stay warm and protected even during the harshest weather.

You should also consider sweaters, long underwear and socks when preparing for the upcoming cold weather. Dressing in layers helps protect the body and trap the warmth inside. So be sure that you have plenty of underwear, T shirts, wool socks and light jackets on hand.

Winter clothing has really come a long way in the last 20 years. The old thick socks have changed to space age polymers that are not thick anymore,  but they are very warm, and they wick moisture away from your skin. The new long underwear does the same thing.

Here are a few choice selections you can make for the upcoming change in the weather that will have you feeling warmer, dryer and more comfortable. The following selections are reasonably priced, made from high quality fabrics and can withstand the elements.

Mad Bomber Hats

For winter wear, hats never go out of style thanks to these Mad Bomber Hats that keep the head warm and the cold, windy air away. Made from durable, comfortable materials, these mad bomber hats are also attention-getting when it comes to personal style. Combining their unique look with thick, comforting materials, these are the type of hats that you certainly want to have protecting your head the next time you step out into the cold. Most of the better mad bomber hats come lined with real animal fur. Regardless of how you feel about using real fur, it is guaranteed to keep your head warm.

Fleeced Lined Pants

When we have to dress for colder weather, we often do not think about our selection of pants until we feel the cold wind. Columbia offers a line of fleeced lined pants that add a much needed layer of protection that keeps your legs warm when you are out in the cold and comfortable when inside. Featuring a variety of styles, colors and sizes, fleeced lined pants can help make your day a more stylish and comfortable one when facing the cold north wind. Most people forget to insulate their legs along with the rest of their bodies. These fleece lined pants will make you feel warmer than you thought possible.

Winter Parkas

You can choose from great line of Columbia’s winter parkas that feature great style and insulating warmth. There are a number of great winter parkas that includes the Ultrachange Parka. This great parka from Columbia features a warm liner jacket under a shell that wicks the water away, leaving your comfortable, dry and warm even during the harshest snow, wind and cold. You can also separate the two pieces if the weather warms and you want more comfort from the temperatures. Whatever parka you choose to buy, make sure that it is made with both thinsulate and Goretex.

When you are looking for warm winter clothes, be sure to include in your search these items as they can augment your protection against the snow, sleet and cold winds that will surely come.