Funny student survival kits can be a good gag gift and may actually serve a practical purpose for those going to grade school, middle or high school, and possibly college students.  In this article, I’d like to share some of the items you’ll want to add to your kit, some of which will be practical, and others which might not be quite as practical.  These are just suggestions, so you might want to change yours up a little and make it tailored for the particular student you have in mind.

I’ll break it down into more practical items and those that are unique and unusual.  To start off, we’ll focus on the legit items you might want to include as you put together the homemade package on your own.


Practical School Survival Kits

Pencils and Pens:  This one belongs in any kit you could possibly make, so be sure to include some in the practical and funny student survival kits you make up for your friends or children.  You will always find a use for extra writing utensils.

Extra Paper/Notebooks:  You need paper to take notes, type out assignments, and just about anything else you can imagine.  Be sure to have loose paper and notebooks on hand for when you need it.  This one is very practical and should always be included, even if you’re making one for a joke.

Planners:  A student planner or day planner is a great way to get organized.  It can help teach kids or even college students the power of organization.  It’s a very practical item to add, and can be a funny addition if the student is notoriously unorganized.

Crayons and Markers:  For elementary school especially, having some crayons and markers can be very important and needed to complete art projects and other homework assignments.  A funny student survival kit, perhaps for a college student, could even have some little kids crayons and stickers included.

Pencil Sharpener:  If you have a small handheld sharpener, you won’t need to raise your hand and ask your teacher for permission to use the one in the front of the room.  It will be a good thing for the teacher as well, since it will reduce the distractions in the classroom.

Basic Medicine:  Assuming the student is old enough to be responsible with it, basic cold medication, aspirin or ibuprofen, and antacid can come in handy for any child who feels under the weather, but cannot or will not leave for the day.

Face Wipes:  For teenagers especially, acne is a problem.  By keeping facial wipes on hand in the kit, the teen can make sure to keep their pores clean during the day, to reduce acne.

Oral Care Items:  Dental floss and a toothbrush can be great items to include and your dentist will thank you for it.  These are very practical items to include and will probably get used at some point during the school year.

Hand Sanitizer:  Kids get into the nastiest things.  Germs also are spread by the hands, causing sickness, so be sure to include some sanitizer in the college student survival kit, or even one made for an elementary age kid.

Breath Mints:  Bad breath happens, especially after eating lunch, so be sure to include something that can reduce the stinky breath instances your child might face.  Kids are relentless and can be mean, so this item should be included.

Hygiene Supplies:  Combs, deodorant and other items can be included to help complete the kit.  This one is pretty practical and will serve a very a useful purpose when included in the package.

Toilet Paper/Facial Tissue:  This will allow the child to blow their nose without having to go to the bathroom to get TP or to the front of the room where the Kleenex are stored.

Funny College Student Survival Kits

Most of the items on this list are designed for gag purposes, but some could be used in legit kits for grade school or older kids as well.

Ear Plugs:  If you want to tune out your instructors, you’ll want to have some ear plugs included, so you don’t have to hear the lecture.  Hopefully they don’t actually use them and actually pay attention to their teachers and instructors.

Clean Underwear:  Your mother (and Bill Cosby) always said that if you were in an accident, they hoped you’d have on clean underwear.  Be sure to include at least one pair when you put together your homemade college survival kit for your child.

Whoopie Cushion:  Other various gag items can also be included in a funny college student survival kit, and could be included for younger kids as well.   Various gag items, like itch powder or fake poop could also be included in the package.

Laundry Soap:  Welcome to the world of washing your own clothes!

Do Not Disturb Sign:  For when they have lots of homework to do, or when they have company over, like a boyfriend or girlfriend, and don’t want their dorm roommate to come barging in.  This one actually is pretty practical, when you stop and think about it.

Ramen Noodles:  Every college student in the world seems to practically live on these things because they are cheap and super easy to make, even for the most culinary challenged kids.

Apple:  An apple a day for the teacher sure won’t hurt, especially when grades get to be even more important, like in high school and especially in college.

Stress Ball:  College will stress out anyone.  The freshman fifteen is commonly linked to stress, although I’m sure too many trips for fast food also contribute.  A stress ball can be included as a joke, but actually could end up getting used.

Condoms:  You’ll want to keep this one limited to funny college survival kits, when you are dealing with adults and not kids.

A funny students survival kit can be good for a laugh, but it can also serve a practical purpose.

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