The fun at tailgating parties can get very dull sometimes because of poor decisions made by the host.  You can avoid these adversities by taking a structured approach to tailgating so you can enjoy the party with your friends much more and strengthen your bonds with them too.   When you follow these simple guidelines you can feel better about yourself, have a great time and be ready for your next tailgating party with more gusto and enthusiasm.

First, you must be organized. Whether you are catering a backyard party or one at a major event, it behooves you to be organized.  When you are organized, you can focus better on the tasks involved in hosting a tailgating party. Your food and snacking delights must be prepared, displayed and arranged in such a way that the party becomes very inviting to your guests.  So, it is very important to be organized.

Second, you must think and plan ahead. This simply means that you must create foods that can be packaged and transported very easily. Think in terms of preparing foods that can either be canned in jars or placed in thermoses for transporting to the location.  It is best to spend the time at home organizing your foods and snacks in an orderly manner before transferring them to the event. Package your foods with bright distinctive colors and flavors so they are attractive to your guests.  Whether the snacks are sweet or salty guests like to savor the flavors. Take simple foods along since you would not need a lot of them. So, for example, if you are taking fruits, do not take a variety; just carry along a few from the many kinds that are available.   If you are taking fruit salads along, be sure to store them at a temperature lower than 50 degrees to avoid bees and flies from getting attracted to them.

Here are some more suggestions and tips that will give you more incentives for developing creative ways to entertain your guests and enjoy your tailgating parties to the fullest:

  • · Weather:  weight your bowls so they will not blow away with the wind.  It can be very annoying if you have to chase them in the parking lot.
  • · Health: label your foods appropriately so that guests will not be exposed to any health risks.
  • · Presentation: have a container appropriate for the item and store it safely.
  • · Time Saving: Take steps to simplify your presentation and keep thinking about ways to incorporate time saving ideas when preparing your best tailgating recipes for future events.
  • · Individually Wrapped: Wrap your treats in separate pieces of plastic wrap. Guests will be able to see what they are through the transparent plastic.  Besides, the snack or treat will be well protected from flies and bugs.
  • · Food Avoidance: When hosting a tailgating party avoid foods that will need refrigeration.  Parking lots and other remote areas will unlikely have enough portable power to keep these foods at the right temperature.

Finally, I am sure these ideas and suggestions will tickle your mind to improve your experience when organizing the next event where you will present your best tailgating recipes to your honorable guests. I have no doubt you will make a great impression and they will enjoy your delicacies and treats very heartily.