Dry skin is usually sensitive, it needs proper care. The condition can get worse in winter, making dry skin care more complicated and even time-consuming task. There are many ways to manage the problem. These can be cosmetic or herbal.

What to avoid?

The most sensible practice is to prevent skin from becoming unhealthy or rough. Try to avoid those commercial lotions that have petroleum products or mineral oil in their ingredients. These can devoid the skin of natural moisture, thus making it dry and worn out.

The best option

Natural ingredients heal and moisturize dry skin. They also protect it from aging. Therefore, such creams and lotions are highly beneficial.

Follow these important guidelines for perfect dry skin care.

  • Use creams that contain natural hypoallergenic components. 
  • After getting showers in the morning, apply virgin coconut oil, Shea butter or cocoa butter over entire body. Their nourishing elements will keep skin healthy. For example, protein, essential oils, vitamin A, C, D and E present in such products are all skin-friendly.
  • Try to avoid tap water for washing your skin. Chlorine fluoride and other harmful chemicals present in it, can cause trouble and hamper proper dry skin care. This practice is especially for those with dry face skin. On the other hand, mineral water is quite healthy. It can be used either in cold state or in the form of ice.
  • Use alcohol-free cleansing lotion and toner. Cleansing milk having natural constituents is also a good option. But, make sure you don’t overdo. When properly used, such lotions refresh skin and maintain balance of moisture in it. There is no irritation or dryness. Good quality toner and cosmetic milk remove dirt and makeup effectively. They also refine pores, thus keep skin hydrated, soft and clean.
  • Try to limit bathing time. You might find it strange but some dermatologists suggest taking shower for three minutes only.
  • Use mildest soap available and apply in alternate days.
  • Don’t scrub dry skin. It is usually not suitable for it. Instead, use oatmeal soap. It will exfoliate skin gently.
  • Apply moisturizer on moist skin several times a day if your skin is extremely dry. It will work faster and more effectively.

Diet for dry skin

Take foods rich in essential oils. Eat organic butter, eggs, cod liver oil and fish on regular basis. Drink plenty of fresh water every day. In extreme conditions, consult an expert dietician. 

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