The basics are easy, so why should you practice them? Running a business requires an extreme time commitment. Items normally are acted upon based solely on the importance of that task. You may think that the basic business fundamentals are and save some time by pushing them back on your to-do list. What happens when you stuff something as far back in the closet as you can to free up room? Do you not completely forget about it? The same neglect and forgetting happens when you keep putting off the easy tasks in your business. This is very true for offline businesses, sales people, managers, and especially to those running an internet marketing based business.

I am not saying that a less important task should be done the split second that it crosses your mind. Let us say you just wrote a book for example. You finished writing and cited your piece properly, have created a superb forward and want it sold! You hire the assistance of a broker and sign a contractual agreement. He calls you the next day when you are celebrating the culmination of your project and informs you Barnes & Nobleâ„¢ want you and your book at their headquarters the next day! How much better could this be for you? You grab your project and get into the airplane. Imagine when you are 50 thousand feet in the air and you go to admire your product that has brought you this impending success. There is no cover on the book! You spaced out a name and write one quickly on the front page. You tell the buyer it was a printing error and you were running late. The buyer is laughing and seems amused which is a positive sign, no? What happens when a comment he makes reminds you that the product was neither proofread nor edited.

Another example to show the importance could be sports. In baseball, the season for us diehard fans begins in Spring Training. Teams report to Arizona or Florida camps late in the winter not only for conditioning but also, and mainly for, practicing the fundamentals. An entire period of the season is dedicated to nail down the fundamentals because of the direct impact they have on the season's success. If they can execute flawlessly the fundamentals of baseball better than any other team, they will win the World Series.

Let us get back to you. Do you want to win the financial World Series? Do you now feel the need to attend your own spring training? Which basic task will you remove from the back of your brains closet and begin mastering this second? You just found out, realized the important nature of practice, and learned the potentially detrimental effect constant procrastination can hold.