Camping with people who have never camped before is pretty fun. Here are some tips to make your camping trip with newbie campers more enjoyable.

Wildlife Callers

You can use the wildlife caller late at night to scare the heck out of the newbie campers in the tent near yours. There is nothing like talking about the bear scare that occurred earlier in the week and then using a wildlife caller to mimic the sound of a bear. The problem is if you buy a quality wildlife caller than you may easily be the next person scared by a bear, of course this bear is real and simply followed the sounds of a bear in heat call from your wildlife caller.

Cute Deer

When you have some city slicker with you it is always nice to point out cute little deer that happen upon the roadside or the hill near your camp. It is a great opportunity to show them some wildlife. After they snap some pictures you can then discuss the attributes of shooting the same doe this fall with either a bow or rifle. They generally will be disgusted but not as disgusted when they are eating you stew at dinner time around the campfire. They will think the stew is amazingly great tasting and then you can tell them it tastes great because it has deer meat in it from last fall.

Inside Out Tent

If they have never set up a tent before you can make some fake instructions n your computer and then sew it inside the carry bag for the tent. There is nothing funnier than having some other people camping nearby and seeing gone of the tents set up with the tent reversed and the poles set up inside the tent. They will think your fellow campers are on crack.

Wood Chopper

Take a newly sharpened axe and split a lot of fire wood. Later in the day swap out the axe for an identical axe except this axe is extremely dull. Ask your newbie camper to split some more firewood like you did earlier in the day. They will struggle and possible cut their foot. After they give up and are not looking swap the sharp axe back into rotation and start splitting more firewood. They will think they suck at splitting firewood.

Fake Killer

Using Adobe Photoshop and your computer make a Federal Most wanted poster that shows your buddy as a wanted killer that has escaped from prison. When you are camping with the NEWBY have someone walk by distributing these posters. You and the newby camper can look at the wanted poster together. Later have you buddy that posed for the wanted poster show up at camp and scare the heck out of the newbie camper.

Scaring Newbie Campers

Camping for the first time can be very hectic experience, especially when camping with pranksters. Once you have pulled a few good pranks on the newbie camper allow them some time to enjoy themselves and hopefully relax. Net year this newbie camper will no longer be a newbie camper and he or she will be able to help scare the daylights out of yet another newbie camper.