Prayer is talking to God and talking on behalf of God in the Name of Jesus. What makes prayer work is faith. The word says according to your faith be it unto you (Matt 9:29). Also without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb 11:6). Our heavenly father has given us the take charge of things in the earth mantle (Gen 1:26). So let us do that.

            All we have to do is follow his instructions. He said lay hands on the sick and they shall recover (Mk 16:18). He said ask believing you received and doubt not and you will have what you say (Mk 11:24). He said what you bind on earth He does the same in heaven (Matt 16:19). And He also said He gave us the Authority over all power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt us (Lke 10:19). Just do it!

Look at it this way, God is a president, we are his officials carrying out what the people wants approved by the president. The devil and his evil forces are those doing everything they can to prevent you from having what belongs to you. Therefore it is your faith power that will stop the devil.

            Christ ones, to get victory we must exercise our faith boldly, knowing it is the Holy Spirit in us who does the work. Live in love. Ask God to forgive us when we sin, and forgive others when they do us wrong. For when we forgive God releases his power in our behalf. Fasting. Immersing in the word. And soaking in his Spirit by worshiping him will make you strong in faith and power.

            Now, there are different kinds of prayer. Our God made sure that in spite of our time constraint or our location there is always time to pray. Prayer of faith: you taking your authority in faith (Mk 11:24). Prayer of agreement: you asking a person of like belief to agree with you that what you want will happen (Matt 18:19). However, prayer must be guided by the word. And 1Jhn 5:14-15 says that we must pray according the will of God. And once we pray in line with his will he hears us and wwe have the petitions we ask of him. To know his will we must read the bible.

            The word or the bible says that people perish for the lack of knowledge. This is sad but what is sadder yet is that we often get the knowledge and refuse to adhere to it thereby deceiving ourselves causing undue hardships and even death.