Pre-built hunting cabins are a simple solution to easily get that hunting cabin you have always wanted. Pre-built hunting cabins can be set up on hunting property you own. Pre-built hunting cabins can also be set up in your backyard for use as a guest house.

Pre-built hunting cabins are an easy solution. If you need a quick to build hunting cabin or a small cabin for use as a bait shop then pre-built hunting cabins may be the solution you are looking for.

With just basic carpentry tools you can easily set up a pre-built hunting cabin kit. If you are not mechanically inclined then get a friend to help. You can also pay to have someone set up the pre-built hunting cabins. You can install the pre-built hunting cabin on either a concrete floor or a leveled gravel lot.Hunting Cabin

There are many companies that sell pre-built hunting cabins. If you can find a local company that sells pre-built cabins you can save money on the freight and delivery fee. Do some research because sometimes it is a better value to pay the freight and delivery fees if you get a higher quality cabin from a reputable dealer as opposed to dealing with a local pre-fab cabin dealer who may or may not be honest and ethical.

If you order from an put of state dealer the cost of the freight and delivery can easily be offset by the fact that you do not have to pay taxes. If you buy locally you may not have to pay a freight and delivery fee but the taxes you will have to pay can easily add up to much more than what a freight fee would have cost if you had ordered your cabin kit from an out of state cabin dealer.

Pine Brook Log Cabins

Pine Brook Log Cabins in Summitville Indiana sells many sizes of pre fabricated cabins. There smallest pre-built cabin is 120 square feet and sells for $6,295.00

Pine Brook Log Cabins has many other sizes available. Pine Brook Log Cabins offers many additional add-ons. You can get for example an air conditioner, rear swinging doors, porch swing. The cost of the extra add-ons can be expensive if you order a lot of extras to your basic hunting cabin. As with all dealers take a good look at what they offer for additional features and decide which ones are worth the cost for your particular needs.

Lancaster County Barns

Lancaster County Barns is home to many styles of prefabricated and pre-built hunting cabins. Lancaster Barns offers basic low cost hunting cabins as well as hunting cabins that would be great for a bachelor to live in year round.

Some of the cabin styles that have available include;

  • Buck Mountain Log Cabin
  • Bear Mountain Log Cabin
  • Dutch Mountain Log Cabin

The pricing for the Buck Mountain Log Cabin and the Buck Mountain Log Cabin starts at under $5,000 not including the freight and delivery fee. As long as you do not live in Pennsylvania you will not have to pay tax for this log cabin. The cabins from Lancaster County Barns are very customizable. You can get everything from over head lights to rock veneer. You can order the Buck Mountain in sizes as large as 14x40 feet.

There are may other companies that make pre fabricated hunting cabins. Do some research and check for dealers that are in your area. If you can find what you need at a reasonable cost then look at pre-built hunting cabin dealers in other states such as Lancaster County Barns.

Image Credit (Flickr/sporkist)