Pre-Lit Holiday Decor

Spiral Christmas Trees for Patio and Yard Decorations

Pre-Lit Holiday Patio Decor

The winter holidays are a unique time of year. The holiday season is diverse and many like to show their seasonal spirit with holiday decorations, including Christmas decorations, Thanksgiving decorations, and others. If you want to decorate your outside areas like a patio, garage, fence, walkway, or porch then there are tons of choices. A popular outside decoration is the pre-lit holiday patio decorations. These pre-lit patio decorations are things like pre-lit wreaths, pre-lit artificial trees, lighted Christmas trees for the patio or porch, and some lighted decorations.

These are some of the very popular pre-lit holiday patio decorations that are used during Christmas and the other winter holidays. Many folks like to put up a pre-lit wreaths to welcome their guests on Thanksgiving. Here are a few other pre-lit holiday patio decorations to consider.

Pre-lit Decorations for the Holidays

There are all sorts of pre-lit yard decoration that can be used to decorate the patio and porch area. No one said that when you decorate a patio for the holidays that it has to begin and end there. One of the cooler lighted holiday decorations are those that line a walkway. There are solar decorations, but they are pre-lit in a different way. Pre-lit holiday decorations are more of a decoration that comes with the lights on it already. This enables you to have a more intricate decoration because when it is being manufactured they can put lights in much easier than when you try wrapping a bunch of rope lights around a tree without breaking it.

Lighted Snowflakes

The lighted snowflakes can be used anywhere. Some people put a star or a snowflake on the top of their house, maybe as a marker for Santa. Others put pre-lit snowflakes above their garage or on a fence. There are some pre-lit snowflakes that are a perfect size to be used as a holiday patio decoration.

  • Twinkling Snowflake Pre Lit Yard Decoration in Blue & White - this lighted holiday patio decoration has 70 mini blue lights that makes the snowflake twinkle.
  • Phillips 42" LED Twinkle Snowflake - this patio and yard decoration is great for putting on the wall. It is a good size lighted decoration that can be put almost anywhere. This would look great on a back wall as part of a porch decorated for Christmas or even as a welcoming ThChristmas Patio Decorations Lighted Spheresanksgiving decoration.
  • Bethlehem Lighting Indoor/Outdoor Mega Star Christmas Light Sphere - these are unique Christmas decorations for your porch. They are spheres in different colors that light up. They can be used as an indoor holiday decoration as well, but they look unusual and neat in the ad.

Pre-Lit LED Christmas Wreaths

A popular holiday door, porch, and patio holiday decoration is a Christmas wreath. Some wreaths are hung out for the holidays as an early welcoming for Thanksgiving then left up through the Christmas holiday. There are either artificial Christmas wreaths or live wreaths, but the one you are most likely to find is an artificial pre-lit wreath to use as a patio decoration for Christmas.LED Cordless Christmas or Holiday Wreath

  • Pre-Lit Battery Operated Artificial Christmas Wreath - This 24" LED pre-lit Christmas wreath is easy to hang. It runs on 3 AAA batteries. This holiday wreath has 50 LED lights to make it a pretty holiday patio decoration. It looks good hanging on the front door as a welcoming for all of the fall and winter holidays.

There are many other pre-lit Christmas wreath choices. You can choose from a wreath that is full of greenery with lights in it or one that looks like a cranberry wreath. The same goes for choosing the right sized wreath for the patio. Since these pre-lit holiday patio decorations are hanging from doors, gates, and perhaps on the front of the garage, you need to choose its size accordingly. Many of the pre-lit or lighted wreaths that you will find are from 18 inches to 30 inches. It seems that the 24 inch pre-lit Christmas wreath is about the perfect size and welcomes everyone.

Lighted Garland Patio Decorations

Pre-lit garland is another holiday patio decoration. Garland is a popular Christmas decoration that is often seen laying out on the fireplace mantel or in a Thanksgiving table decoration. There is also lighted garland for outside use. Using this pre-lit garland you can wrap around a mailbox, the rails heading up the patio, or you can put it alongside the window frame. Many people also use garland in a candle light display. The pre-lit garland comes in white LED lights or multi-colored lights.

Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees for the Patio

Pre-lit artificial trees are a great patio decoration for the holidays. Although Christmas trees are often thought of as inside decorations there are those who love to share their Christmas spirit with passersby. One way is decorating the patio with holiday decorations. The short 4 ft pre-lit artificial Christmas trees seem like a nice choice. These lighted trees are used to line the steps of a patio or the put on the porch. Some stores sell these in pairs. The bottoms are in a container like an urn to keep it stable so the tree doesn't fall over. You can put these short pre-lit trees on either side of your front door as a welcoming. These also work as Thanksgiving decorations.

Lighted Spiral Trees

Another favorite holiday patio and yard decoration is the lighted spiral tree. They are usually around 4 feet to 6 feet tall and come in a triple pack. Some of the lighted trees that come in the package of three are also three different sizes. The lighted spiral trees come in a couple of different varieties. There are some that use rope lights to wrap around a metal pole that creates the look of a round, spiral tree. These rope light spiral trees are popular. There are also garland spiral trees that have the same look as the rope light spiral tree except it has the look of greenery. There are spiral treBlue LED Patio Christmas Spiral Treees that are done in white lights and there are also multi-colored spiral trees.

One of the coolest spiral tree is the Blue LED Spiral Tree. Another very popular pre-lit spiral tree decoration is the Outdoor Spiral Christmas Tree Set. This spiral tree set for the holidays is pictured at the top of the page. It comes with two pre-lit holiday patio spiral tree decorations.

Holiday Lighted Patio and Porch Decorations

Although there are many other types of pre-lit holiday patio decorations, including inflatable animated decorations and window decorations. Most of these pre-lit decorations are either cordless or battery operated. Make sure that you check to see if batteries are included since they usually are not. During the holidays you can decorate with whatever types of decorations show your style. Always remember to use safety around lights. Mixing your pre-lit holiday patio and porch decorations with other types of Christmas decorations should result in a huge display of lights and seasons greetings.

Happy Holidays!