At last, The Kindle Ebook Reader is being made available to UK customers. It is about time too. From 19th October The Kindle Reader will start being dispatched worldwide. But with Christmas coming and the portable ebook reader proving a hit it is definitely worth getting in early so pre order the Kindle UK now.

The whole point of the electronic book reader is that it works wirelessly. Once you have ordered it online, you really do not need to go near your PC again. New content can be previewed, ordered and delivered direct to your Kindle Reading Device wirelessly. It works in the UK on a 3G mobile signal, so you do not even need to find wireless hot-spots or the like. Simply turn it on, and wherever there is 3G (which the mobile networks assure us is virtually everywhere in Britain nowadays) you can order books direct from the Kindle Store.

There are no additional charges for this wireless service, no contracts or monthly bills. Even in the UK this wireless service is all part of the Kindle International package, which is pretty exciting news. Of course you can download new purchases to your pc instead if you so wish. But think about holidays and travelling. You will be able to order more books whenever you like, in over 100 countries!

At the Kindle UK Store you can pre-order the electronic book reader now. Deliveries will commence on 19th October 2009. On arrival at your box, this is one simple gadget to use. It works straight from the box, something we all surely love in a new gadget as it really does seem a rarity! Once you have the portable reader UK customers will have access to over 250,000 books plus the majority of newspapers and magazines to choose from for their future reading.

Of course the online library of ebooks to choose from is increasing every day. As new books are published in the traditional way an increasing proportion of them are also being made available as electronic books ready for download. Plus the back catalog of classics being converted to this new medium is continually growing. With more consumers using this Electronic Book Reader the number of titles to choose from will only increase more rapidly.

Whether considering The Kindle UK as a gift for someone special or yourself it makes sense to order without delay. Christmas looks set to see demand for this Ebooks Reader rocket, so get in early to avoid disappointment.