Pre Dating Screening

Everything to do prior to a background check.

Dating now a days requires you to have a good deal of trust. As it gets easier to meet people online it is easier for people to hide person issues and criminal misdoings.  Knowing how to screen people online is a quick free way to week people out prior to doing a background check.

Email address, phone numbers and physical addresses give away much more than you might expect.

When you first receive someones email address do a three search engine check on it.  Google, Bing, and are great ways to look at a persons email address and find its history.  You would be amazed to find what can be found with this simple search.  A few times doing a search with three separate search engines you can see a subtle difference in the results however this difference can be priceless.

Using quotes around the email address can help get a more accurate search.  For example if you were looking up you can get better results by putting quotes around it like this "".  Additionally you can remove the domain name after the @ symbol to search for the same user ID in different systems such as this:  "sketchy_guy_666".  Both these search techniques can help.

Google has the cache feature on its searches.  This permits you to see information no longer available on the actual sites.  In the search results look for the "cache" link and click on it to see old data.  Old craigslists posts are something that will show up here from time to time showing attempts at sexual escapades, the selling of stolen items, or even just displaying someones poor behavior online.

Searching for phone numbers should also be done.  A phone number search may show where a person worked, what they are selling online or even if the name you were given is not the persons correct name.  There are dozens of reverse look up sites out there now. Digging through the results can be tedious however very rewarding.

Address searches might seem like they will yield very little information however police reports, news paper stories and neighborhood watch sites often list addresses. You can learn about any additional occupants, domestic violence that occurred at the residence and any issues with neighbors that may be of concern.  Using quotes is another great way to be specific about the address for the search.

Some court houses offer online case searches.  Look for court house websites for the areas the person lives in and surrounding areas if possible.  Doing a search for their last name can prove to be very revealing.  If the person is a woman and has had a previous marriage use both the last names.

If all these seem to checkout its not time to celebrate just yet.  Its easy enough for someone who is devious to know this and keep these clean or hidden.  Its now time to do a background check.

Online background checks are more affordable than ever.  They are simple to conduct with a little bit of information and a reasonable cost.  This cost can save you in the end.  Being around a criminal, sex addict, drug dealer while not knowing that is the persons nature is an absolute risk to your body, career and family.

Background checks are now a common part of dating in the modern world.  When you are the person being looked into it is insulting to your character but if you are the person who didn't do a background check when you start to find the truth about the person you are involved with you will never think twice again about insulting someones character.