If you have some land that you use for hunting,fishing or vacations, you may want to consider looking into pre built cabins. These cabins are inexpensive cabins that are pre built, you just put together the pieces once you receive them and you will have your own small cabin. These are great for fishing, hunting,camping and just getting away from it all from time to time.

If you have not seen these cabin kits Home Depot may be on your list of places to check out. These kits when used for vacations and weekend getaways are generally small, but they are sturdy and big enough to spend a few days in. If you look around though, you can find cabin kits that are big enough to live very comfortably.

If you have enough land, you could also put up a small one or two room cabin to use as a guest house for when family and friends visit. This way you can extend your hospitality without having your daily home life disrupted so much. It could also be a space for a grown child who is not quite ready to be out on his or her own, but is ready to get out of Mom and Dad's space.

These pre built cabins start off at prices of only a few thousand and can go up to tens of thousands but whether you choose the small or larger cabins, they are still much less expensive than buying an already built vacation home or regular home. They will also save you a large amount of money over the cost of hiring contractors to build your home for you.

These kits enable you to have built much more easily and much more inexpensively. The kits are not very difficult to put together,they are made with quality products that are built to last. They are also very attractive. Once your pre built cabin is put up, no one will be able to tell that it came from a kit. Only you will know you were smart enough to save all that money. Building one of these cabins is a great project for the whole family to work on together, or a group of hunting or fishing buddies who will all be using it can build it together. You will feel great sense of accomplishment once your pre built cabin is put together and you know that you did it yourself.